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Coaching with sustained, desired results

Cultivated over three decades of research, teaching and practice, Weatherhead Coaching provides our clients with a pathway of discovery toward defining and realizing their aspirations and goals. Ours is an evidence-based, relationship-focused approach to sustained, desired change and growth.

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Our Coaches

Our carefully selected, credentialed coaches bring skill, experience and knowledge to the journey with every client.

Featured Coaches
Suzette Williamson
Suzette Williamson

Suzette takes a relational approach to coaching with an emphasis on individual purpose, giftedness, vision and values, while refining self-awareness, effective leadership skills and career satisfaction.

Merle Graybill
Merle Graybill

Merle transforms insight, provides compelling vision, and invites action. She is a coach for people creating change.

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Proven Results

Weatherhead leads the coaching field with 30+ years of research, furthering best practices for coaching around the globe. The Weatherhead Coaching Research Lab is a partnership between faculty and leading organizations to support advances in coaching impact and outcomes.

Effective coaching requires a skilled coach and a willing coachee. Although no coaching can guarantee results, our proven approach has helped hundreds of clients make intentional change that lasts.

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Weatherhead Coaching Certificate

The faculty experts who teach in the Weatherhead Coaching Certificate are world-renowned for their knowledge, facilitation skills and application orientation. The Certificate Program offers coaching best practices along with opportunities for real life application. Students enrolled in the Certificate also receive one-on-one coaching to personalize and solidify the learning.

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