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Weatherhead Lifelong Learning

An individual subscription program designed for you.

Weatherhead's executive education individual subscription program

If you are paying for your career development out of pocket, this subscription program is tailored just for you. A personal Weatherhead Lifelong Learning subscription package is the most cost effective way for you to expand your knowledge, add to your skill set and move closer to your personal and professional goals.

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Here’s what you get:

Get a Weatherhead Certificate for Less

Take four programs in a specific topic area and earn a Certificate from the Weatherhead School of Management and a Digital Badge. The ability to earn a Weatherhead Certificate gets fabulously cost effective when you buy a bundle of seats you can use at any time for an entire year.


Contact our registration manager at 216.368.6413 or email to start to your individual subscription package today and to get any of the discounts below. If you register & pay for 4 classes online, you will not automatically receive an Individual Subscription discount. You must call to register in order to receive the discount.

* 1 day = 1 program day = 1 seat. One program “day” could extend over multiple sessions, for example, 3, 90-minute sessions.


What is included in the Weatherhead Lifelong Learning subscription program?

What's my first step in getting an individual subscription package and discounts on programs

Call 216.368.6413 or email to start your subscription and get your discounts on programs.

Does the Weatherhead Lifelong Learning subscription program save me money?

A lot of money! It is, after all, the plan for smart people who plan to take multiple programs in a year but don’t want to pay full price. See the pricing options.

How many certificates can I earn with the Weatherhead Lifelong Learning subscription program?

Get the discounted 4-seat package and earn one certificate and a digital badge. Get the discounted 8-seat package to earn two certificates and two digital badges.

Can I get reimbursed for Weatherhead Lifelong Learning by my employer?

You will save your organization up to 35% on the cost of your learning and development by subscribing to Weatherhead Lifelong Learning.

What if my company is an affiliate partner with Weatherhead Executive Education?

As an employee of a company that is an affiliate partner with us, you already have access to your employer’s preferred pricing for almost every program with us. Choose the option that is most cost effective for you.

Can I get a refund from the subscription program?

We think you’ll love Weatherhead Lifelong Learning. And even though we won’t be able to refund your money once you’ve bought the package, you will have the flexibility to pick from over 70+ open enrollment programs for an entire year. And get a digital badge with your certificate. For additional information, please refer to the Weatherhead Lifelong Learning Policies.

If I use up my subscription package seats and want to add more, how do I do that?

Call 216 368 6413 to add more seats to your package at your preferred subscription price.

When does my one-year subscription start?

Your subscription starts on the first day of the month you subscribe. For example, if you subscribe on May 15, 2021, your one-year subscription will be from May 1, 2021 – May 30, 2022.