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Become a catalyst for inspiring and sustaining desired change

Weatherhead has led inquiry and practice to advance the field of coaching for decades. Our Coaching Education - in connection with our Coaching Services and Coaching Research Laboratory - focuses on how coaches inspire and sustain desired change in others. We believe in coaching with compassion, tuning into the client’s hopes and aspirations, rather coaching for compliance. We incorporate self-development in our coaching programs, including personal coaching with a mentor coach, in order to help our participants create the best possible experience for their clients. Whether you are an experienced, professional coach or a manager looking to bring a coach approach to how you work with others, Weatherhead provides a range of learning experiences that will broaden and deepen your knowledge and ability to coach.

Earn a Coaching Certificate

New in 2020, we now offer two coaching certificates that provide a comprehensive understanding of coaching practice:

Weatherhead Foundations of Coaching Certificate - Designed for those new to coaching and seeking to build a practice, as well as for managers who want to incorporate coaching skills in their day-to-day relationships, this 4-day program builds core competencies and basic knowledge of coaching.

Weatherhead Coaching Certificate - Designed for those with prior coaching knowledge and experience, this multi - day program is rooted in research and built on breakthrough concepts developed and enhanced by our faculty, including the Emotional and Social Intelligence competencies and Intentional Change Theory.

Individual Classes, Workshops and Continuing Coach Education

Explore the collection of all coaching-related programs, in our portfolio. Many classes can be taken without pre-requisites (check individual class descriptions for more information).
Already-certified BCC or ICF coaches can obtain coach training hours from our expanded collection of coaching seminars and workshops. See individual class descriptions for specific CEU information.

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Board Certified Coach™ Accreditation

Weatherhead Executive Education is an approved Board Certified Coach (BCC) education provider by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE). Both Weatherhead coaching certificates are accredited to provide BCC coach training hours for those who seek to become a Board Certified Coach. Learn more about the BCC credential and find answers to common questions.

NEW! Weatherhead Pathway to ACC Coaching Certificate

Weatherhead Executive Education has applied to be a Level 1 program through a rigorous accreditation process by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the gold standard in the coaching industry. Upon approval, this new Weatherhead Pathway to ACC Coaching Certificate will equip graduates to apply for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential upon meeting all the requirements.


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