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About Executive Education

The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University is a top-ranked management school with accomplished faculty who have pioneered business concepts taught and practiced around the world. For more than 40 years, Weatherhead Executive Education has offered programs incorporating impactful business concepts that transform organizations and help individuals stay competitive in all stages of their professional careers.

Managers create the worlds in which we work and live. When business challenges are brought to us by the business community, the Executive Education team develops innovative programs to helps managers advance business and society.

Discover all that Weatherhead Executive Education has to offer, from more than 70 open enrollment programs and 12 certificates in areas from Emotional Intelligence, Women in Leadership, Coaching and Communication Skills to one-on-one executive coaching and Executive Leadership Development programs. Individuals can build their skills through online or in-person sessions. Corporate subscriptions are available to organizations that want to gain access to all one and two-day programs at a significantly reduced price.

What you learn in a single day can change everything.  Join the thousands who have experienced bold new ideas that have had a lasting impact – the Weatherhead way.