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Program Dates  
Managing Your Energy (Not Just Your Time) 4.25.18  
Manage by Designing: Approaches for Everyday Innovation 4.30.18  
Listening Beyond What You Hear: The Practice of Engaged Listening 5.3.18  
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence 5.14.18  
Neuroscience of Leadership 5.15.18  
Connecting, Motivating & Understanding Others through Empathy 5.16.18  
Strategic Focus in a Data-Driven World 5.21.18  
Leadership and the Art of Reinvention 5.22.18  
Powerful Presentation Skills: Design and Delivery 5.23.18  
Drawing Ideas and Modeling Change: Visual Thinking for Managers 5.31.18  
Analyzing Financial Statements for Non-Financial Managers- Webinar Series 5.31.18
Negotiating to Win 6.5.18  
Using Influence to Effectively Sell Ideas, Products, and Services 6.6.18  
Leading Digitalization by Design - Online with Youngjin Yoo 6.11.18 - 7.6.18  
Igniting Positive Change Through Appreciative Inquiry 6.13.18  
Manager’s Toolkit for Delegation, Accountability, and Results 6.13.18
Influencing at All Levels 6.15.18  
Manage your Mind First: The Promise of Mindfulness in an Uncertain Time 6.18.18  
Putting Mindfulness into Action 6.19.18  
Process Improvement: Yellow Belt Training and Certification 6.20.18
New Change Equation - online with David Cooperrider 6.25.18 - 8.3.18  
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Project Leaders 6.26.18
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence 7.9.18  
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: Core Competencies for Great Leadership 7.10.18  
Resilience: Thriving through Uncertainty and Change 7.11.18  
Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication 7.17.18  
Trust: The Foundational Element of Healthy Relationships and Effective and Productive Teams 7.24.18  
Your Digital Strategy: Transform Your Business to Deliver Value through Digital Technology 9.12.18  
Strategic Decision Making and Execution 9.13.18  
Project Execution: Organizing Team and Time Resources 9.13.18
Manager’s Toolkit for Delegation, Accountability, and Results 9.17.18
Influencing at All Levels 9.20.18  
Listening Beyond What You Hear: The Practice of Engaged Listening 9.24.18  
Advanced Workshop in Appreciative Inquiry 9.24.18
The Business of Coaching 9.25.18  
Information Security For Executives 10.3.18  
Communication Strategies for Women in Leadership 10.9.18  
Designing Innovation DNA in Your Organization 10.10.18  
Walking the Tightrope: Mindfulness and the Practice of Adaptive Leadership 10.11.18
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence 10.15.18  
Building Leadership Capability through the Power of Intentional Change 10.16.18  
The Coach Approach: Initiating Dialogues for Effective Outcomes 10.17.18  
Coaching for Intentional Development 10.18.18
Beyond Features and Benefits: Tools of Experience-based Innovation 10.22.18  
Change Leadership 10.23.18  
Business Model Design & Innovation from the Physical to the Digital 10.25.18
Negotiation Skills for Women in Leadership 10.29.18  
Communicating with Impact 10.30.18  
Boyatzis on Leadership, Resonance, and Renewal 10.31.18  
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: Core Competencies for Great Leadership 11.5.18  
Leading with Greater Self Awareness 11.6.18  
Team Leadership through Emotional Intelligence 11.7.18  
Project Management: From Concept to Plan 11.8.18  
The Leadership Lab for Women in STEM 11.13.18
Inclusive Leadership 11.27.18  
Embodied Leadership Presence: Authentic Impact from the Inside Out 11.28.18  
Project Quality: Balancing Cost, Time, and Scope 11.29.18