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When you connect to Coaching at Weatherhead, you are accessing a preeminent network of services, education and research, putting you at the forefront of the latest evidence--based approaches to the practice of Coaching. Informed by research, with programs and services built to meet market-driven needs, Weatherhead Coaching offers multiple pathways to enhance both your personal and professional growth. Our faculty are practitioners and researchers, who are compelling teachers and informed coaches.

Whether you’re looking to refine your management skills through coaching or you’re looking to develop your team to their full potential, you will find the research, program or service to meet your needs at Weatherhead.

  • Leadership & Positive Change

    Weatherhead Coaching Certificates

    Weatherhead’s Coaching Certificates provide the tools and techniques for effective leadership, especially in an environment of change. Our curriculum builds meaningful foundational skills and enhances existing skills for those currently trained in coaching practice.

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  • Management Skills

    Coaching Services

    Encompassing both coaching for individuals and coaching for teams, Weatherhead’s coaching services offer multiple products led by coaches skilled in group facilitation, executive leadership and individual plans. Learn more about how Weatherhead Coaching Services can help you or your team develop a roadmap for sustained, desired change.

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  • Functional Knowledge

    Coaching Research Lab

    Research is the root of emerging coaching practices, developed by practitioners and refined through real-life experiences of business leaders. Weatherhead’s Coaching Research Lab (CRL) engages our faculty in research and corporate partnerships to further the practice of coaching. From these partnerships we develop evidenced-based approaches to meeting real-world challenges.

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