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Augmented Reality Simulations at Weatherhead

Emotional Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence. The result: sustained behavior change over time.

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that combines the real world and computer-generated content. At Weatherhead, we have partnered with Mursion to offer experiential learning opportunities that take place via videoconference between a learner and a human-controlled avatar. These conversations are unique and unscripted, resulting in a chance to apply strategies and new behaviors learned in the classroom.

Think of the simulation as a real-time learning lab, a safe environment to practice difficult real-world conversations.

With practice, emotional intelligence becomes a sustained behavior.

Great leaders move us by tapping into a basic human characteristic-our emotions. Research shows that emotional intelligence (EI) competencies overwhelmingly distinguish outstanding leaders from average performers. Most importantly, EI competencies can be taught and learned. With practice and repetition, emotionally intelligent behaviors are strengthened, and EI becomes more than just a concept. Emotional intelligence becomes a habitual behavior, a new way of interacting.

The twelve competencies of emotional intelligence

The twelve competencies of emotional intelligence are organized into four categories.

AR Simulations:

  • Increase the efficiency of training programs
  • Accelerate skill acquisition and competence
  • Provide learners with relevant and highly realistic learning moments
  • Improve self-efficacy and resilience
  • Drive productivity and bottom-line results

For more information, contact Laura Weber Smith at or 216.368.6403.