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An exciting partnership: Weatherhead & Mursion

Weatherhead Executive Education has partnered with Mursion, a pioneer in experiential reality to deliver the simulation sessions. Each simulation has been adapted by Weatherhead faculty with the goal of developing the competencies we know are essential for great leaders.

Mursion has a proven 15-year history in the research and delivery of exceptional learning simulations. The Mursion team includes experts in human intelligence, robotics, business analytics, project management, theatre, education, design, and product development. They collaborate to create authentic, immersive learning experiences that harness the best in artificial and human intelligence.

Mursion utilizes a blend of live people (simulation specialists) and AI to create a psychologically safe environment where participants feel confident experimenting with newly learned behaviors.

The simulation specialist:

  • Guarantees a high level of authenticity and natural conversation.
  • Speaks in real time. Each simulation is unique to every user.
  • Provides thoughtful feedback and reflection.
  • Conducts an observational assessment on performance.

The AI:

  • Enhances scalability and reduces human cognitive load
  • Seamlessly syncs nonverbal communication and voice morphing

Weatherhead is the expert at developing resonant leaders. Mursion is the expert at delivering remarkable augmented reality experiences. Together, we deliver learning that "sticks."

For more information, contact Laura Weber Smith at or 216.368.6403.