Executive Coaching for Individuals | Weatherhead

Executive Coaching for Individuals

Get the support that you or a member of your organization need from a Weatherhead Coach.

  • build leadership skills and organizational impact
  • successfully manage a big transition-promotion, career change, pre-retirement planning
  • improve wellbeing and work-life balance
  • enhance business performance

Weatherhead Executive Coaching utilizes a framework proven to lead to sustained, desired change.  Our carefully selected, credentialed coaches bring skill, experience and knowledge to every engagement, helping clients craft a plan for development and change.

Executive Coaching includes 5 sessions and access to a variety of books, articles and assessments.

Premium Coaching

Often a client can benefit from an impromptu conversation-before an important meeting, after a challenging encounter, or when a critical issue arises. In addition to scheduled monthly coaching sessions, Weatherhead Premium Coaching includes unlimited sessions conducted by phone/video conference on an as-needed basis.

The Weatherhead coaches who coach in premium coaching engagements are master coaches with significant coaching experience, internationally-recognized coaching credentials and advanced degrees including PhD level study.

Live 360 Stakeholder Feedback

Transition coaching clients can choose to benefit from receiving stakeholder feedback. This allows the transitioning leader to receive critical feedback through structured interviews and qualitative observations with important stakeholders.  This feedback provides a roadmap for development and performance in the first year, maximizing early positive impact of the transitioning leader. The assigned coach will work with selected stakeholders to arrange a mutually convenient time for the interviews to occur. Getting input from a group of key stakeholders will provide rich information on how others perceive the transitioning leader. Typical stakeholder feedback interview questions might include:

  • What are the strengths of this leader as you see them?
  • Share an example of an achievement that highlights those strengths.
  • What are the most significant challenges and/or opportunities facing the leader today?
  • What opportunities do you see for improvement?
  • What are the leader’s most important “to dos” in the next 90 days?
  • How do they help you now? How can they help you better going forward?

The data collected from each stakeholder will be kept confidential and only the composite report will be shared with the transitioning leader. We strongly recommend that the report also be shared with the leader’s supervisor.

Stakeholder feedback includes:

  • A kick off meeting with the transitioning leader, supervisor or whoever is commissioning the stakeholder interviews
  • Preparation of interview questions
  • Interviews with 8-12 stakeholders
  • Interview summary and a thematic analysis/report of the data collected
  • Results meeting, to discuss the interview summary and themes with the transitioning leader