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Weatherhead Executive Education Coaching Scholarships


A donor is looking to support the development of leaders in the non-profit or governmental sector who want to improve their leadership and management skills through coaching. A $3,000 scholarship will be provided to be used towards the Weatherhead Coaching Certificate for individuals who want to add a coaching skillset to their leadership toolbox. This scholarship will be awarded through individual recruitment and a competitive application process.

Weatherhead Advanced Coaching Certificate - Description

The multi-day program includes evidence-based coach education, peer and mentor coaching, reflection guides, and the opportunity to practice coaching and receive feedback from a Master Coach.

Participants will discover what drives sustained change; how visioning opens, strengthens, and clarifies direction; the generative impact of positive emotions in coaching; and how to peel away the defenses and assumptions that impact the ability to change.

Cost of the Weatherhead Advanced Coaching Certificate

  • Individual Participants: $9,035
  • Nonprofit and CWRU Alumni: $8,514

Since this certificate was first introduced - more than 20 years ago, we have heard that the cost of getting a coaching credential has been a hurdle that many leaders in the non-profit/governmental sector cannot overcome. This scholarship will help qualified individuals acquire the Advanced Weatherhead Coaching Certificate.

Scholarship Budget

Once selected through the application process, individuals would receive the Nonprofit and CWRU Alumni rate and a scholarship of $3,000 bringing the total cost down to $5,514.

Board Certification

Weatherhead Executive Education is an approved Board Certified Coach (BCC) education provider by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE). The Weatherhead Advanced Coaching Certificate provides 90 BCC hours and would qualify you to take the exam. More information on that process can be found at the Center for Credentialing & Education.


To be considered for the scholarship, please complete all fields below and submit along with a copy of your resume to Julia Kious Zabell at the following email address:

  • First Name / Last Name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Years of Experience
  • Resume (attach)
  • Questions:
    • What function best describes your current role?
    • What coaching experience do you have?
    • How many direct and indirect reports do you have?
    • What would you describe as your greatest strength (e.g., business acumen, personal traits, personality characteristics, ethics, etc.)?
    • In a brief executive summary, please describe some of the greatest challenges you face today.
    • What do you hope will be different about you, your work, and your relationships after your experience in the program?
    • How will using coaching benefit the people that you and your organization serve?
    Coaching Scholarship Application

    Application Review Process

    Completed applications including the fillable PDF and your resume can be sent to and would be reviewed within two weeks of submission with a decision sent via email to the applicant. If accepted, the applicant will be invoiced for the remaining fee. Once the fee is paid, the applicant will be enrolled in the Certificate Program.

    We thank you for your time and are excited to support you on your leadership journey!