Lauris Woolford

Lauris  Woolford, Weatherhead Coach

Whatever the question, the answer is leadership. Lauris recognizes that businesses thrive when motivated to embrace leadership development with a focus on emotional intelligence.

Lauris Woolford is an executive coach and practitioner with over 33 years of hands on experience in business development, positive organization transformation and change leadership. She always says, “Whatever the question is, the answer is leadership.” She emphasizes the importance of positive leadership at every level of an organization. Lauris is a firm believer that emotional intelligence development can differentiate an individual’s and organization’s performance.

After holding multiple positions in Fortune 500 companies, Lauris has started her own consulting firm, Woolford & Associates LLC. The consulting firm focuses on coaching at the senior level, Emotional Intelligence program development, and fostering an environment of intentional positive change. Her goal is to help people sustain their personal and professional growth, and to assist in their life-long learning. She coaches with courage, compassion, and honesty to help them discover their ideal self along the journey of positive change.

Lauris spent 15 years at Fifth Third Bank in senior leadership positions. She completed her career at Fifth Third as the Executive Vice President of Organization Development and Planning. It was in that role that she structured a talent management process facilitating the development for thousands of leaders. During this time she noted the profound impact emotional intelligence and coaching had on leaders and executives at every level of business.

Prior to Fifth Third, Lauris was the Director of Mercantile Stores University at Mercantile Stores (now Dillard’s). She started her career in retail specializing in buying, merchandise planning, buyer/planner education, and distribution services with Federated Department Stores (now Macy’s). Lauris has been recognized for her vision and implementation in effectively developing leaders.

Lauris earned her Bachelor of Science in Art Education at Edgecliff College (now Xavier University) and earned her Masters of Science in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University. She holds a Coaching Certificate from Case Western Reserve University and is experienced in Kolb Learning styles and Emotional Intelligence assessments. She has served on several boards including the Executive Leadership Organization Change Masters program at Northern Kentucky University, Xavier University’s President’s Advisory Council and Women’s Network, and the Fifth Third Women’s Network and Diversity Council.

Lauris is an enthusiastic speaker. Her passion is to enhance a culture to focus on people and performance – which drives positive results. She believes that excellence starts with people; emotional intelligence development and coaching can invigorate an organization to reach new heights of success.

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