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Stormy Compeán Sweitzer, MBA, MPH

Stormy Compeán  Sweitzer, MBA, MPH, Weatherhead Coach

In between your drive to succeed and your hopes of a good life, lies a place of wonder that few explore. There, you will find the possibility of living the life you dream of.

Stormy Compeán Sweitzer has navigated-and helped others navigate-the risks and possibilities of the unknown in organizational, relational and personal contexts for nearly 25 years. In her work as a board certified coach, leadership development consultant, and facilitator, she works with emerging, mid-career, and experienced leaders to help them successfully navigate their ambitions (or desire for legacy), weather the unexpected emotions and opportunities of transition, and surface unarticulated or forgotten needs in their lives. Both empathetic and pragmatic, visionary and reflective, Stormy works to support her clients in accessing the emotional self-awareness, latent resources, and practical action they need to both glean lessons from their past and move towards their ideal personal and professional futures.

Stormy draws on extensive experience as a project manager, entrepreneur, educator and consultant in areas including leadership effectiveness, women’s leadership, organizational culture, communication and negotiation, entre/intrapreneurship, and the role of cognition and human factors design in the way people work with technology. In her coaching practice she has helped graduate students at multiple universities develop their strengths and career aspirations, private clients explore the opportunities presented by life and career transitions, as well as facilitated executive leadership development programs with US-based health, nonprofit and energy organizations, and leadership development programs for high-potential women from global organizations, such as Unilever, Mars Corporation, and the United Nations World Food Programme.

As a Mexican American of diverse heritage, with a family that spans the globe, and years spent studying and volunteering in Venezuela, Russia, Finland, the Republic of Moldova and Armenia, as well as traveling widely for work and adventure, she brings a global and culturally-sensitive perspective to her coaching and consulting work.

Originally from the mountains of Utah, today, Stormy makes her home in Cleveland, OH, where she is completing her PhD dissertation in Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management on the role that social media imagery and interactions play in the emergence of collective identities and organizations. She also conducts research on the ways we experience belonging (or not) and cultivate wonder in our lives, exploring these topics with an eye to how we imagine and create a more humane and participative future.


  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)
  • Weatherhead Certified Executive Coach
  • Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) 360-degree assessment
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst DISC


  • PhD in Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, Expected 2022
  • MBA, Entrepreneurship & Marketing Concentrations, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  • MPH, Health Policy & Management Track, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  • Honors BA, Russian Language & Literature, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  • BS, Economics with Spanish Minor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

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