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Suited to a Variety of Needs

Leadership Deep Dive™ has engaged executives across a diverse range of industries, roles and backgrounds, including corporate, non-profit, government and academic sectors.

Our unique program allows you to deepen your leadership skills through a holistic approach that engages all aspects of you as a person and your life, both professionally and personally.

Leadership Deep Dive is designed for those who:

Participants come from all over the world to learn the leadership tools to transform their organizations, whether their primary market is local or global.

Leadership Deep Dive™ Class Profile

Participants by Position
Position Percentage of Participants
C-level 18%
Vice President 26%
Manager 26%
Partner/owner 6%
Director 24%
Participants by Industry
Industry Percentage of Participants
Manufacturing 37%
Healthcare 7%
Service 13%
Nonprofit 11%
Energy 7%
Banking & Finance 8%
Distribution 12%
Other 5%
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