Leadership Deep Dive™

Be the CEO of your own success.

The Leadership Deep Dive at Weatherhead is an intensive nine-day program designed for senior executives seeking new and innovative ways to advance their organizations. Built on Appreciative Inquiry and emotional intelligence—the revolutionary management principles that originated at Weatherhead—Leadership Deep Dive not only changes businesses, it changes lives.

A 9-day program divided into three 3-day sessions. Over a 6 month span.
With Appreciative Inquiry David has provided us not only with a tool to help search for the strengths of people in their communities but more profoundly given us a way of looking at and being in the world that has an enormous impact on each of us as individuals and the communities we work and live in. …Using AI I managed to successfully turn around stressful situations in the divisions and corporations I was responsible for. Appreciative Inquiry in that respect has changed my own personal world and helped me to make choices that facilitated me to bring out the best in others and myself!
Joep C. de Jong, JLS International BV, and former Executive Brittish Telecom
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