Leadership Deep Dive™

Be the CEO of your own success.

The Leadership Deep Dive at Weatherhead is an intensive nine-day program designed for senior executives seeking new and innovative ways to advance their organizations. Built on Appreciative Inquiry and emotional intelligence—the revolutionary management principles that originated at Weatherhead—Leadership Deep Dive not only changes businesses, it changes lives.

A 9-day program divided into three 3-day sessions. Over a 6 month span.
With the help of David Cooperrider and AI, we at Dealer Tire were able to bring most of our organization together in an AI summit to create guiding principles for our organization. With our double-digit growth year after year, it was critical that we preserve our positive core while allowing for rapid change to meet the needs of our customers. Leveraging AI for large-scale change and implementing and embedding those principles has allowed us to grow and innovate while preserving the core of what has made us great! Thanks to David for his vision and guidance.
Cindy Stull, Partner, Chief Sales Officer, Dealer Tire, Cleveland
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