Merle Graybill, M.Ed.

Merle transforms insight, provides compelling vision, and invites action. She is a coach for people creating change.

Coaching Experience

Merle coaches people from many walks of life who are creating personal or organizational change. Her specialties are positive leadership, integration of work and wellness, and life’s transitions, such as career development and retirement.

Merle meets clients where they are, to journey wherever they want to go. Skilled, inquisitive, respectful, challenging, intuitive, reflective—she knows people are the best experts about themselves. As a coach she assists in unearthing new knowledge, transforming insights and crafting strategies to attain goals.

Industry Experience

Merle has progressed from the front lines to organizational leadership throughout her 25 years of professional experience in non-profits, higher education, and coaching, consulting and training. Her career focus has been engagement across constituent groups and thus has also included business, civic, and government sectors.

She has held senior management responsibility for personnel, budgets, strategic planning and assessment. She is known as a creative leader of complex collaborations that result in improved outcomes and innovative change.

She has consulted, trained and designed curriculum on topics of diversity, conflict resolution, adult learners, organizational collaboration, effective decision making, strategic planning, and assessment.

Education and Training

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