Kathy McMullin

Kathy  McMullin, Weatherhead Coach

Kathy supports executives and emerging leaders to generate transformative and sustainable change.

Kathy McMullin is an empowering coach and change catalyst, facilitating individuals and groups in complex organizations to generate transformative and sustainable change. Her deep experience spans all organizational levels and diverse industries within manufacturing, sales, software, medical, educational and nonprofit organizations.

Kathy’s professional credentials include industry-leading certifications and 11 years of coaching experience, setting her apart from her peers. She completed a rigorous six-year training program at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, an accredited International Coach Federation organization, and maintains her certification as a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach (GPCC). She is currently coaching in The Gestalt Professional Coaching Program. She is one of a select group of Master Coaches at Case Western Reserve University and holds a Case Western Reserve University certification as an Emotional/Social Intelligence Coach. Kathy has completed the training through The Coach Training Institute, also an ICF accredited coach training school, and is an assistant trainer for their coach training programs. Kathy is certified and has proficiency using a broad range of assessment tools, including Emotional Intelligence 360, MBTI and Kolb's Learning Styles, among others.

Her multidisciplinary framework integrates psychology, coaching and adult learning methodologies to include emotional/social intelligence, intentional change theory, physical process, Appreciative Inquiry, polarity management, action logics, system thinking, brain research and Gestalt theory. This deep expertise and multifaceted approach enables Kathy to design a customized plan to effectively address the complexity of each situation and meet each client’s unique needs.

Kathy’s intuitive and engaging style, combined with her coaching mastery, brings clarity and positions her clients for success. In demanding fast-paced corporate environments, Kathy’s coaching programs consistently meet organizations’ ongoing challenge of “doing more with less” while enabling each client to achieve their developmental goals, manage stress, improve work/life balance and enhance health and personal fulfillment. As a dynamic group facilitator, Kathy has an innate ability to bridge disparate groups and bring consensus, trust and positive morale, resulting in employee empowerment and alignment with the corporate mission.

Kathy is a passionate and engaging speaker and trainer, drawing from her background in education to bring solid learning practices into her custom development programs. Her coaching skills and ability to connect with her audience provide the vital link to spur learning and developmental growth. She presents workshops on a variety of subjects including emotional intelligence, trust and team alliance, coaching skills for leaders, igniting passion for corporate vision, Appreciative Inquiry and parenting skills.

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