Eric Lutzo

Eric’s areas of specialty are LGBT leadership and crisis coaching.

Eric Lutzo is the founder and principle of Forward Thought, a coaching and leadership development practice that specializes in developing leadership skills for the individual as well as teams within organizations. Forward Thought’s target markets are the manufacturing and financial institutions as well as a variety of non-profit and start up organizations.

Eric brings over 10 years of experience to Forward Thought. He has earned his Masters of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management and his Bachelors in Business Administration from Kent State University. Currently Eric is pursuing his Phd in Organizational Psychology through the TAOS Institute. His dissertation is focused on the qualities and traits that make up collaborative competencies. He holds additional certifications from; The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland – coaching and intervention; Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) – Myers Briggs Type Indicator, The Hay Group – Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI) and Case Weatherhead – Leadership Assessment and Development (LEAD). The company’s core was designed to bring Eric’s strengths in Coaching and Leadership Development to best meet the needs of the marketplace.

Eric and Forward Thought have worked with thought leaders in organizations ranging in size and scope. Some of the more recognized firms on the client list are: Pillsbury, Citibank Private Bank, American Power Conversion (APC), Key Bank, First Merit, Foot Locker and Volkswagen/Audi of America. Balancing the corporate sector clients on the non-profit and education side are or have been; United Way, PROCEED, Cuyahoga Community College, Case| Weatherhead and NASA Glen. In all of his assignments Eric has coached management teams to take what could be and make it a reality by developing strategic objectives for both the individual and the organization.

Forward Thought also supports the community in which are lives through its cause marketing initiatives. Programs have been created for organizations such as the Cleveland Municipal School District and Tremont West Development Corporation. Eric personally sits on the board for the Weatherhead Alumni Association and the co-founder of Plexus the chamber of commerce for the LGBT community and allies serving northeast Ohio.

Eric believes a strong mind is only as strong as the body in which it resides. As a result he is an avid runner and cyclist as well as a student of yoga and meditation. He believes strongly in quality down time, mostly with his dogs Max and Baxter, but also finds time to escape both within as well as outside the US. He has circled the world and enjoys taking his travel experiences and applying them to practice.

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