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Business Coaching for Managerial Effectiveness

Weatherhead Business Coaching for Managerial Effectiveness provides executives and managers with one-on-one coaching focused on:

  • Clarifying the potential business issue or opportunity
  • Determining key questions necessary to better understand the business issue or opportunity
  • Identifying steps to address the key questions
  • Creating potential solutions, and if appropriate prototype(s) to test or confirm the potential solutions
  • Developing a plan of action going forward
  • And, if desired, monitoring and tracking compliance with the implementation plan

Through the coaching, the executive or manager is expected to gain a clearer understanding of the actual issue or opportunity, a sound and potentially innovative solution/potential solutions, a realistic implementable plan of action and a set of tools that will help address other problems or opportunities going forward.

And, while there are no guarantees, the coaching experience is designed to positively impact performance and economic value to the organization.

Business Coaching for Managerial Effectiveness includes:

  • Introductory session, preferably at the organization site
  • Working sessions, typically every 2-3 weeks, some in-person, others via video-conference
  • Intermittent calls or emails to respond to questions and monitor progress
  • Periodic sessions to summarize progress and assess the process
  • Wrap-up session

Cost: $4,000 per month, minimum of three months (travel expenses for in-person coaching outside of the Cleveland area are not included)

To learn more about this and other Weatherhead Coaching Products, contact Mindy Kannard at 216.368.1503 or by email at