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Anthony (Tony) Jack

Anthony (Tony)  Jack, Weatherhead Coach

As a Psychology PhD who runs a brain imaging lab and teaches the science of happiness, Tony stays on top of cutting edge science and trending ideas in psychology. Yet he recognizes that even the most exciting ideas are best seen as tools that serve the art of personal growth. The real vehicle of transformation lies in the connection between individuals and the coaching alliance they co-create.

Having established himself in the academy, Tony spent the last decade translating cutting edge science into practical guidance on leadership, empathy and happiness. Two decades ago, as he was finishing up his PhD in Psychology, Tony got the opportunity to work in the newly emerging field of brain imaging. Tony worked his way up at world-leading centers in Europe and the USA, from being a postdoc to running his own lab. This experience not only gave Tony deep insights into the brain, it also gave him first-hand practical experience of the challenges of using innovative technology in a rapidly changing field, working with large collaborative teams comprised of multiple stakeholders with clashing perspectives. Tony brings insights from this fascinating and often challenging journey to his coaching, executive workshops and media talks.

Tony leads a brain imaging laboratory that focuses on his central discovery of the battle in our brains between analytic and empathic thinking. The lab collaborates with Richard Boyatzis and others from Organizational Behavior to examine the neuroscience of coaching. Another collaboration with Shirley Moore and others from the School of Nursing looks at neural mechanisms of effective self-management of health. Tony's external engagements and media appearances include: TEDx, Wisdom 2.0, Cleveland Institute of Art, Annapolis US Naval Academy; Fort Leavenworth US Army, NPR's sound of ideas, and Conscious Capitalism.

Tony teaches in the department of Philosophy at Case Western Reserve University, where he is a highly rated professor whose courses rapidly enroll and waitlist. He currently teaches Ethics, The Mind's Essential Tension and his personal favorite, The Science of Happiness.

Tony's coaching is informed by his extensive background in different approaches to the mind - psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. His working model is Intentional Change Theory, which he has supplemented with experiential training in Gestalt to develop a strong coaching presence. Laura Perls, one of the founders of Gestalt, wrote "Therapy is also an art; It's more of an art than it is a science."

Tony's philosophy of coaching follows this principle. Tony says: "As a coach, my first and last goal is to understand and appreciate you, your values and your strengths - always keeping sight of your potential, not getting lost in the challenges you face. Second, I will draw on my extensive knowledge of neuroscience, psychology and philosophy to help connect you to the tools and ideas that may best inspire and serve you in your journey. Third, I will support you through the thrills and frustrations of the change process, using your past difficulties as a springboard to your future success."

Certifications, Memberships & Awards

  • Consulting Psychology Journal Paper of the Year 2018 "The Neuroscience of Coaching"
  • Secondary appointments in Psychology, Neurology, Neuroscience & Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University
  • Research Director, Inamori Center for Ethics and Excellence
  • Gestalt Training Program, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (Graduate May 2019)
  • Coaching Research Lab Research Fellow
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)
  • Weatherhead Executive Coaching Certificate
  • Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) 360-degree assessment (Hay Group)

Education & Experience

  • B.S., Psychology and Philosophy, Balliol College, Oxford University
  • Ph.D., Psychology, University College London
  • Postdoc, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
  • Research Associate, Neurology, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University
  • Associate Professor, Philosophy, Case Western Reserve University

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