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Anita Howard, PhD

Anita  Howard, PhD, Weatherhead Coach

Anita helps clients enhance their leadership effectiveness and reach their personal and professional goals. She has worked extensively with clients in both corporate and educational settings.

Anita is an executive coach and organizational consultant with over 20 years of experience in corporate, non-profit and educational settings. As a Master Coach in Weatherhead’s Center for Executive Education she has coached leaders and managers in such companies as Alcoa, National City Bank, Sabre, Bendix, and Eaton Corporation. In her work as an organizational consultant, Anita has designed and led professional development and evaluation programs for numerous private sector clients including Positive Innovations, Inc. in Jackson, MS; the Algebra Project, Inc. in Boston, MA; the Cleveland Initiative for Education/Cleveland Teachers Academy in Cleveland Ohio; and the Fund for Improvement of Higher Education (FIPSE) US-Brazil Consortium.

Before coming to Weatherhead, Anita co-founded J. Howard & Associates, a management consulting company where she developed training models to enhance the performance of multicultural professionals in corporate settings and African American students in U.S. universities and secondary schools. Anita also has worked in university administration at Tufts University, Harvard University, and Radcliffe College where she respectively served as director of the African American Center (Tufts University), assistant to the dean (Harvard College), assistant to the director of undergraduate affairs (Harvard College) and assistant director of the office of financial aid (Radcliffe College).

Anita Howard currently is an adjunct professor at Case where she teaches courses in organizational leadership and management. Anita’s research program centers on the role of positive and negative emotion in three related arenas: professional learning and development; coaching intentional change; and use of emotional and social intelligence competencies in performance settings. Anita is passionate about understanding the conditions under which positive and negative emotional processing helps or hinders human performance and about using this knowledge to promote professional growth and desired change at the individual, team and organizational levels. Anita has published articles on emotional intelligence and executive coaching in journals for scholars and practitioners.


  • PhD in Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Dissertation: An Exploratory Examination of Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors’ Impact on Coaching Intentional Change. Richard E. Boyatzis, Chair
  • Doctoral Study in Social Psychology, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Merit Fellowship)
  • Post Graduate Training and Certification in Family Systems Therapy, Kantor Family Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • BA in Sociology, Metropolitan College, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Professional Affiliations/Certifications

  • Certified Executive Coach, HayGroup: Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI)

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