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Angela Passarelli

To be vibrantly alive and vital. This mantra pervades Angela's work with coaching clients as she helps them move toward a desired future that is personally meaningful and invigorating. Her holistic approach is guided by the belief that one's effectiveness at work is inextricably linked to health and balance in other important life domains. She works with clients to craft a compelling vision of the future they desire, enhance their self-awareness, discover resources for development, and establish the structure and accountability necessary to enact lasting change.

Angela has worked with clients from a variety of career levels and industries including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. She specializes in working with leaders in transition – those who are new to a leadership role, are moving from operational to strategic demands, or who are grappling with issues of legacy as they near the end of their careers. Valuing individual uniqueness, she works to understand each client and his or her work-life context in order to establish a strong relationship as the foundation for the coaching process.

Angela brings over 15 years experience in leadership education, coaching, and adult development to her coaching practice. She has graduate-level training in adult development and organizational behavior/management. She is an Assistant Professor of Management at the College of Charleston, SC, and an instructor in executive education at the Weatherhead School of Management, where she is also a Research Fellow with the Coaching Research Lab. She is committed to staying abreast her field by studying and contributing to the science of coaching. Her work has been published in scholarly outlets such as the Leadership Quarterly and the Consulting Psychology Journal. She also serves on the Scientific Advisory Council for the Harvard Institute of Coaching.


  • Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
  • M.S., Texas A&M University
  • B.S., James Madison University

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