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Executive Education Programs Digital Transformation: Strategic Tools & Frameworks for Success

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for anyone searching for a set of tools and frameworks that organizations can use to transform their products and services using digital technology.

As digital technology becomes pervasive in our everyday lives, digital innovation is about how to re-imagine how we live and what we value using digital technology.

Digital technology is changing every aspect of our lives. Digital innovation is an effort to re-imagine familiar products and services using unique capabilities of digital technology.

This online course is intended for anyone focused on creating radically different user experiences and new business models that were not previously possible. Unlike previous IT innovations that aimed at improving the performance of organizations in existing forms, digital innovation often aims at designing new forms that previously did not exist.

Digital innovation is in the nexus of design, strategy, marketing, and technology. The organizing logic of digital innovations are often at odds with that of industrial organizations, demanding organizations to transform structure and culture and acquire new capabilities. This online course is intended for anyone faced with these new challenges.