For Nonprofits

Weatherhead understands that nonprofits and healthcare providers are tasked with ensuring their budget dollars are used as effectively as possible. That is just one of the reasons why we offer special pricing for organizations that are focused on public service. Please feel free to take advantage of our reduced pricing, as you consider ways to develop the capacity and talent of your people. Our staff and faculty look forward to developing a deeper understanding of your organization's unique strengths, circumstances, and vision, so we can help match our approaches and offerings to your needs with an increasing precision.

Program Subscriptions

Gain access to our traditional professional development programs for a single discounted, annual fee. Weatherhead account managers provide your organization with a clear roadmap for competency development. We work with you to answer questions about program content and assist you in choosing the right programs for the right employees. Additionally, we give you the ability to manage course enrollment and distribute learning across your organization.


Nonprofit and Healthcare Provider Pricing

Nonprofit Base Price for Individual Public Enrollments: One-Day = $420

Subscription Level Annual Price Annual Price for
3-Year Partnership**
80 Days $21,600
($270 person/day)
($225 person/day)
60 Days $17,700
($295 person/day)
($250 person/day)
40 Days $12,600
($315 person/day)
($275 person/day)
25 Days $8,375
($335 person/day)
15 Days $5,400
($360 person/day)

“Nonprofit” refers to charitable organizations as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service Code [501(c)(3)]. At our discretion, we may ask for [501(c)(3)] verification. “Healthcare Provider” refers to organizations that provide direct care to patients, such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

“Days” and the price per “person/day” refer to one-day and two-day programs.

**3-Year Partnership: “Lock in” even lower rates when you commit to three years of participation at the 40-seat level or more. Annual investment based on three consecutive years of continuous participation.

Weatherhead “On Demand”

Any program or certificate from our catalog can be delivered exclusively to your organization in its current format, or customized specifically for your company. The delivery location is up to you.