What is Coaching?

At Weatherhead, coaching starts with the knowledge that adults change their behavior when they want or need to change. The motivation and readiness to develop personally or professionally comes from within the individual, not from external sources. A coach helps his or her clients identify the underlying motivations that guide their behavior and helps them craft a plan for development and change.

Your relationship with your coach means a safe place for reflection, a path to increased self-awareness, and a source of positive support. Using the Theory of Intentional Change developed by Weatherhead faculty member Richard Boyatzis, Ph.D., your coach will help you explore aspirations for work and life; analyze current competencies, behaviors, and learning style; and determine steps to implement the changes you seek.

Could I Benefit from Coaching?

A coaching relationship might be beneficial if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Are you trying to make a change either personally or professionally?
  • Would you like to enhance your effectiveness as a leader?
  • Are you trying to help an employee with a change they would like to make?
  • Could you use some support for the changes you seek?
  • Have you made changes that you find difficult to sustain?

Coaching is an integral part of professional development at Weatherhead. At its core is the Intentional Change Theory, developed by Richard Boyatzis, Ph.D., for creating lasting, desired behavior change. Learn more about this proven approach, explore classes where you can learn the skills to coach others, and find out how you can hire a personal coach.

Discover how coaching at Weatherhead will inspire you to make lasting, intentional change. Learn More.

The Process

Intentional Change Theory

Weatherhead coaching begins with gathering 360-degree feedback and typically includes at least four sessions over a four-to-six-month time period. These meetings are usually held via telephone, though face-to-face meetings are possible if it is mutually convenient for both parties. In general, your coach will initiate the process by exploring your leadership vision and aspirations. The next one or two meetings generally focus on analyzing your 360-degree feedback data and creating a learning agenda. The last set of discussions center on implementing the plan and sustaining the learning and change beyond the coaching experience.


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For more information about Weatherhead Coaching, contact Mindy Kannard at or at 216.368.1503, or Sharon Norris at or at 216.368.5149.