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ESCI Accreditation

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Next Offering: December 7, 2020

Program Overview

The accreditation program for the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) is presented by Korn Ferry and Dr. Eric Lutzo. Created by Dr. Richard  Boyatzis and Dr. Daniel Goleman, the ESCI is a multi-rater tool designed to assess emotional and social intelligence competencies. It builds on the authors' and Korn Ferry's 35 years of competency research (research begun and initially carried out by McBer and Company) and field-proven assessment technology.  It is distributed worldwide by Korn Ferry.

Only accredited HR and OD practitioners, consultants and coaches may administer and deliver the ESCI, demonstrating that they meet the Korn Ferry’s strict quality standards. Admission and attendance at this program will provide you with this accreditation.

By bringing Korn Ferry’s Certification to Cleveland, there is substantial savings in travel for practitioners, consultants and coaches throughout the Midwest region. Dr. Eric Lutzo, OD consultant and alumnus of the Weatherhead Doctor of Management and MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs, will coach you through the application process and ensure your readiness for the program.

Benefits of ESCI Accreditation

With accreditation, you will receive the following benefits and opportunities:

Who Should Attend

Participation is limited to select consultants, coaches and practitioners who meet at least one of the following criteria:

In addition, to qualify for the accelerated program, participants must demonstrate sufficient prior knowledge of the Emotional Intelligence Competency model and past certification in a recognized 360 instrument.Eligibility will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please note that all eligibility, registration and payment issues are handled directly by
Eric Lutzo.

To apply or further inquire, please contact Eric Lutzo at 216.398.7880 or via email at eric@forwardthought.net.