Digital Badge Program | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University
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Digital Badge Program

The flexible, portable, and verified way to showcase your achievements and capabilities.

Earn. Share. Advance. Lead.

Weatherhead Executive Education has partnered with digital badge provider, Credly, to offer digital badges to certificate earners. Digital badges allow you the opportunity to differentiate yourself and showcase your professional story with validated credentials.

What is a digital badge?

It's a new currency of talent. A Weatherhead Executive Education digital badge describes the specific competencies and outcome-based skills you earned in a Weatherhead certificate. It tells the world what you learned and why it matters, and it's verifiable.

With a digital badge, you can showcase your skills by displaying a complete picture of your relevant and valuable accomplishments on all social media platforms.

What are Digital Credentials?

Earner Benefits

Individual: A visual display of your achievements
  • Digital badges represent verifiable competencies not shown on a transcript.
  • Learner-centered credentials, aligned with your organization's business needs or your next goal.
  • A visual narrative of your accomplishments.
  • Ability to share your learning experiences on social media.
  • Competency-driven, outcome-based credentials to set you apart and define your value.
  • Stackable credentials show your professional journey.
Organization: Preparing companies and people for the future of work.
  • Recognize employee skills and achievements in established leadership development and training programs.
  • Use a standards-based system of digital badges to upskill your workforce targeted to business-specific needs
  • Design badges explicitly relevant to the needs of your workforce.