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Emotionally Intelligent Leader

These high-impact learning experiences help individual leaders and professionals in developing emotional intelligence (EI), a set of distinctive competencies that form the essential core for great leadership. The curriculum features a combination of conceptual and skill-based programs to support and encourage learning and sustainable behavior change.

Who Should Attend:

This program is designed for professionals in supervisory roles who want to develop emotionally intelligent leadership skills and make a bigger impact at their organization.

Coursework for the Certificate:

The emotional intelligence certificate is awarded after completion of each of the two (2) required courses plus two (2) electives. Certificate requirements should be completed within an 18-month period.

Required Courses:

Elective Courses (Select 2):


Cost of Certificate:

Price: $2,780
Nonprofit and CWRU Alumni: $2,085
Corporate Partners: 4 Class Days


To register online for the entire certificate, please select four (4) of the appropriate classes listed above. We will automatically track your progress towards completion of your certificate. Alternatively, you can register by phone at 216.368.6413. You have 18 months to complete any of our leadership, management, or functional knowledge certificates. Also please be aware that a program can only be applied toward the requirements of one certificate.

Receipt of Certificate

Certificates will be automatically produced and sent out to participants who have completed the requirements twice a year. Participants can expect to receive certificates in December/January or June/July after the completion of their courses.