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Transformational Team Coaching from Weatherhead

Spark positive change to elevate the performance of your team.

For all the benefits of individual coaching, team coaching multiplies those benefits, transforming both the individual members and the overall impact of the team. Contact us today to learn more about how Weatherhead Coaching can support the growth of teams in your organization by:

Weatherhead Executive Education has brought together experts in teams and emotional intelligence to deliver results-oriented team coaching to organizations. Our coaches are available to meet virtually or in-person depending on client preference, and team coaching can also be combined with one-on-one Executive Coaching for Individuals.

Generate the ideal conditions for your team to thrive by collaborating with our experts in an engagement that is custom-tailored to your business context and specific needs. Our coaches employ a proven three-step process over a period of four to six months to help your team deliver its best value to the organization.

Read more about why team coaching may be right for your organization or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.