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Why Team Coaching?

Now more than ever, organizations need high functioning, productive teams. Weatherhead Team Coaching helps teams realize their optimal collective performance.

Virtual/remote teams are more prevalent than ever before. Teams need to develop the ability to work effectively to drive performance, value and productivity. Team leaders play an important role in setting the tone and climate to support the best work of the team. This relies on the emotional intelligence of the team leaders to build the psychological safety of the team.

When we think about teams, we need to think in terms of complex, interrelated systems.

Trust, communication and emotional intelligence are all elements that influence the performance of a team, just as individual cells influence the health of a living organism. Not only are team members interdependent upon one another, but the team itself is intricately connected to the larger organization and its stakeholders – another layer of complexity.

As we know, dysfunctional teams may not simply maintain the status quo, but can actually sabotage the performance of the entire organization. Without a clear understanding of the complex dynamics at play both internally and externally, teams are not positioned to deliver their best.

Our research shows that maximizing emotional intelligence of the team is the most powerful accelerator of team performance. Is it possible to create emotionally intelligent teams? Absolutely.

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