Leading Next Level Growth | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University
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Leading Next Level Growth

Businesses around the world, no matter their size, are facing the greatest challenges in a generation. However, companies are also looking beyond the global pandemic to a stronger future and see the crisis as a catalyst for change and long-term growth.

Leading Next Level Growth provides established middle market company owners and executives the insight and skills to GROW their companies to the Next Level. This intensive 5 month program incorporates ten modules focusing on areas critical to building a competitive advantage and ultimately growing the business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners, executives and key employees of established middle market companies
  • Ideal candidates can impact significant change and growth within their organizations
  • Business that have been in existence more than five years with at least $20 million in revenue.

Participants will learn how to successfully drive change in their organizations, enabling them to transform goods, services, experiences, and business model. The program meets twice monthly from April 2023 – September 2023 on the campus of Case Western Reserve, and delivers world-class curriculum.

Faculty are leaders in their fields of study – bringing cutting edge theories along with practical, implementation-focused strategies and tactics into the classroom. Emphasis is on execution and growing your business TODAY and facilitating a culture to support this growth over time. Participants will leave the program armed with the knowledge and tools they need to move their middle market businesses to the Next Level.

Key Benefits:

  • Exploration of numerous strategies to grow the company
  • Frameworks to enhance Strategic Planning
  • Expanded professional network of owners & decision makers
  • Connections to key industry resources
  • Improve the customer experience
  • A clear understanding of revolutionary management principles
  • Enhance Digital presence
  • Align your organization to the new normal
  • Leverage current strengths to pivot to new opportunities
  • Create a clear vision and strategy for focusing business growth efforts