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Emotional Intelligence – the Weatherhead Way is 100% online. It is focused on the 12 competencies of the Emotional and Social Intelligence Model and is delivered through short videos, personal journaling and reflective exercises. This program offers in-depth descriptions of each competency, and the skills and practice required to understand each one.

Designed with the flexibility and convenience working professionals need, participants can engage with their course content whenever it works for their schedules. Participants will have the ability to access previous modules.

Time – Participants should expect to spend approximately two to three hours per week in individual learning and reflective exercises.

Prerequisites – None

Technical Requirements – You need a computer that allows you to watch the video lectures. For questions related to this, contact canvas.support@idesignedu.org.

This self-paced online learning journey has three key components designed to help you learn and sustain emotionally intelligent habits:

At the end of the course, an assessment will test participants' understanding of the competencies and once successfully completed, participants will receive a digital badge in Emotional & Social Intelligence.

EI SI graph

This course is organized into 15, self-paced modules and exercises, including an introduction, a wrap up and a final assignment.

Module 1: Emotional self-awareness
Module 2: Emotional self-control
Module 3: Achievement orientation
Module 4: Positive outlook
Module 5: Empathy
Module 6: Adaptability
Module 7: Organizational awareness
Module 8: Influence or positive impact on others
Module 9: Coaching and mentoring to help people learn, grow and change
Module 10: Conflict management
Module 11: Inspirational leadership for individuals and groups
Module 12: Teamwork

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