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Team Transformation for Greater Productivity, Cohesion and Resilience

A multi-dimensional program to achieving your team's potential

Program Features

  • aMAZEing Team Building® Experience (half or full day)
  • Unique and highly interactive maze experience leads teams to new discoveries and transformation
  • Facilitator observations throughout the program


This program guides current teams of up to 15 members through a step-by-step learning maze to develop the attributes and behaviors critical to high productivity, cohesion and resilience. As organizations face mounting pressure to perform with fewer resources, this comprehensive program focuses on the factors that drive team productivity:

  1. the effectiveness of its people
  2. the efficiency of its processes
  3. the level of cohesiveness and engagement among its members

Over 10 years of research revealed seven attributes that were critical to team productivity: Trust, Appreciation, Communication, Behavior Management, Meeting Management, Creativity & Ideation, and Problem Solving & Decision Making. This program will explore these attributes through training, feedback from the DiSC® individual and team assessment, and an interactive learning experience—the aMAZEing Team Building® Experience.—which challenges participants to build on the seven attributes necessary to making their processes more efficient, and the people working on them more effective. The combination of the seven attributes and the DiSC® interaction assessments create a synergy for teams to thrive.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in this program, team leaders and members will:

In addition, managers and team leaders will leave this class with a heightened sense of self-awareness and be better equipped to influence their teams.

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