Timothy Fogarty

Timothy Fogarty, PhD

Professor, Accountancy
Weatherhead School of Management

Tim is among the most prolific authors of scholarly research in accounting worldwide. He has over 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals and is the cornerstone of the Accountancy Department’s research efforts. On top of his magnificent writing skills, Tim is among the students’ favorite professors. He routinely gets rated among the highest in the department from student evaluations. Tim is the Thomas A. Dickerson Faculty Fellow and has an incredibly varied background. Tim holds three master’s degrees, a JD degree, a Ph.D. and is a CPA. He has served as an editor of a prestigious accounting academic journal and is currently serving as the Vice President of the Education Division of the American Accounting Association. He has worked as an attorney, accountant, insurance consultant, economist, and has been a professor at Case Western Reserve since 1989. Tim and his wife own a horse farm east of Cleveland.

Tim Fogarty focuses his research in three areas. He studies accounting regulation to shed light on how industry standards and institutional rules control accounting and the sharing of corporate information. Tim also explores the organizations that employ and influence accountants’ work. His third stream of research investigates accounting education and its role in shaping how the field is organized and controlled.

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