Alice Kolb

Alice Kolb, PhD

Alice Kolb is president of Experience Based Learning Systems Inc. (EBLSI) and an adjunct professor of organizational behavior at Weatherhead, where she also received her PhD.

At EBLSI, Kolb facilitates innovation in research and practice of experiential learning conducted by the worldwide experiential learning network. Her current work is focused on promoting learning in higher education through institution building. This work emphasizes approaching an educational institution’s development by integrating development of curriculum, faculty, students and resources around a vision and mission that is focused on learning.

Kolb has published a number of articles on experiential learning, conversational learning, and artistic learning. Her research focus on learning spaces led to her 2005 paper “Learning styles and learning spaces: Enhancing experiential learning in higher education,” published in Academy of Management Learning and Education. Her upcoming publication “Learning to play, playing to learn: A case study of a ludic learning space,” to be published in the Journal of Organizational Change Management, is part of her ongoing passion for creating spaces conducive to deep learning.