What IF Weatherhead…

If Weatherhead had

program support for a new Master of Science in Management Business Analytics program…

…we could offer pioneer scholarships and program start-up tools to place a central focus on big data analysis for rising business managers through a new Master of Science in Management program, the MSM-Business Analytics.

MSM-Business Analytics scholarship
fund goal: $250,000

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the U.S. is expected to have a shortfall of 140,000-190,000 people with critical analytical skills by 2018.

If Weatherhead added

endowed professorships in Healthcare Management and Taxation…

…we could attract the most creative and engaged faculty who in turn draw the brightest students to new programs for leadership and innovation in health as well as the ever-changing field of tax accounting.

Endowed professorship fund goal:
$2 million

An endowed professorship provides the intellectual fire power, direction and focus to guide our community of learning such that theory meets practice in and out of the classroom.

If Weatherhead increased its

scholarships and student recruitment initiatives…

…Weatherhead could also increase its national standing. Merit-based scholarships and student recruitment programs are often the primary determinants among the best and brightest students.

Named scholarship funds:
range from $25,000 to $1 million

Weatherhead is building scholarship funds to attract top-ranked applicants, women and those with special interests in our core mission of design and sustainability. Create a legacy and make a world of difference.

If Weatherhead had a

State-of-the-Art Investment Lab…

…Weatherhead students would engage in cutting-edge, investment-related experiential learning through the use of 12 Bloomberg terminals, which will provide them with access to the same data, research and technology used by investment professionals.

Capital funding needed: $250,000

Housed in our iconic Peter B. Lewis building, the lab would offer our students an unparalleled focus on finance.Weatherhead could also increase its national standing. Merit-based scholarships and student recruitment programs are often the primary determinants among the best and brightest students.

What if…

Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit had the capital to flourish…

The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit focuses on prosperous businesses and business leaders who are creating value for society and the environment in ways that create even more value for their customers and shareholders.

Imagine a world in which people experience wellbeing, companies prosper and nature thrives.

…The Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit could convene regular conferences for business and thought leaders from all over the world.

Global Forum goal: $300,000 per year

…AIM2Flourish can continue its work with the UN Global Compact using Appreciative Inquiry to create a digital platform, mentor students and share breakthrough business innovations.

AIM2Flourish goal: $1.2 million

…The Strategic Innovation lab will catalyze and support the transition to a new U.S. grand strategy for the 21st century, powered by sustainable growth, and will prepare a new generation of strategic leaders.

Strategic Innovation Lab start-up costs: $3.5 million

For more information on these dynamic programs, please visit weatherhead.case.edu/centers/fowler/

What if Weatherhead…

…could house a new, innovative Design Studio?

Expanding the existing design space by adding smart boards, glass walls, movable furniture, and videoconferencing capabilities to sync with Sears think[box] will shape a learning environment that inspires students to create, collaborate, and thoughtfully manage by designing.

Naming opportunities:
begin at $1 million

The Design Studio complements Weatherhead’s Department of Design & Innovation, which strengthens our ability to develop future scholars and practitioners who display path-creating thought and action to better the lives of people, contribute to a just society, and maintain a sustainable environment.

A first of its kind, the Department of Design & Innovation embraces the university’s strategic focus on “forward thinking” that includes an increased emphasis on innovation, technology development and cross-disciplinary activity.

The department is passionate about the cultivation of high-impact scholarship and practice that forms at the intersection of our faculty’s diverse approaches to understanding business processes, consumer and business marketing, strategy and policy, technology, and design practice.

If you join Weatherhead in Forward Thinking through a gift to fund our highest priorities, we can not only think beyond the possible, we can achieve beyond the possible…

It is easy to see the impact of asking “What if Weatherhead…” We can build wonderful opportunities for the future with your support of the Forward Thinking Campaign. Please consider advancing education and enhancing learning with a gift to support the next generation of leaders!