Endowed Professorships | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Endowed Professorships

The Weatherhead School of Management is honored with 19 endowed professorships reflecting the interests of their generous donors. Holding a professorship is an honor in the academic world, and Weatherhead uses them to retain or recruit top faculty.

Endowed professorships provide a permanent legacy and aid Weatherhead by providing income to underwrite faculty salaries and other expenses associated with that faculty member/program, including research cost, activities and conference support. Professorships allow Weatherhead to reduce the student-to-faculty ratio and direct money that would otherwise have been spent on salaries toward other school needs.

Contact supportweatherhead@case.edu or 216.368.2787 for more information on endowed professorships.

Theodore M. and Catherine C. Alfred Professorship in Management

Established: 2010
Donor(s): Ted and Catherine Alfred and Friends of the Alfreds
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

Established through a generous gift from Dr. and Mrs. Alfred, the professorship is tribute to the Alfreds' loyalty and affection for the Weatherhead School of Management and of their esteem for business education.

B. Charles Ames Professorship in Management

Established: 2014
Donor(s): Ames Family, CD&R, and friends and colleagues of Mr. Ames
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

This professorship was created by the Ames family to honor their father, B. Charles Ames, his many accomplishments, and his long standing service and contributions to Weatherhead. Ames is the retired vice chairman of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC (CD&R) in New York City. He joined CD&R in 1987 after serving as chairman and CEO of Reliance Electric Company, CEO of Acme Cleveland Corporation, and CEO and chairman of The Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company. He served as the first chair of Weatherhead's Visiting Committee, created and funded a unique course that brings together design and business planning, and generously supports a scholarship fund and the Alfred Professorship in Management. The Ames Chair is to be held by a tenured full professor who has established an exceptional record of teaching and service at Weatherhead.

AT&T Professorship in Marketing

Established: 1992
Donor(s): AT&T
Chair Holder: Jagdip Singh
Year Appointed: 2012

The Ameritech Chair in Regional Economics (formerly the Ameritech Endowment Fund in support of the Center for Regional Economic Issues) was renamed in 2007 and refocused on marketing or economics.

Andrew D. Braden Professorship in Accounting and Auditing

Established: 2013
Donor(s): Friends, colleagues and associates of Andrew D. Braden
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

The Andrew D. Braden Fund was established by Edward P. Hemmelgarn in 1985 to honor the teaching of Andrew D. Braden. With support from friends, colleagues and associates of Andrew Braden, the fund became a full professorship in accounting and auditing in 2013. The professorship honors Andrew D. Braden's contributions to the accounting profession and his 40 years of teaching accountancy at Case Western Reserve University.

Frank Tracy Carlton Professorship in Economics

Established: 1961
Donor(s): Frank T. Carlton, BSEE 1895, and Nellie C. Carlton
Chair Holder: Susan Helper
Year Appointed: 2011

The chair was established by a bequest from Mr. Carlton, who taught at Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University for 27 years.

E. Mandell de Windt Professorship in Leadership and Enterprise Development

Established: 1986
Donor(s): Friends, colleagues, and associates of E. Mandell de Windt
Chair Holder: Gary Previts
Year Appointed: 2007

The professorship honors Mr. de Windt’s exemplary career as CEO of Eaton Corporation and as the unofficial dean of Cleveland businessmen.

Covia - David L. Cooperrider Professorship in Appreciative Inquiry

Established: 2007
Donor(s): Covia (formerly Fairmount Santrol)
Chair Holder: David Cooperrider
Year Appointed: 2007

Charles D. Fowler, EMBA ’90, was CEO of Fairmount Santrol and chairman of Case Western Reserve University’s Board of Trustees. He established the chair to encourage students’ study of social entrepreneurship and sustainability.

H. Clark Ford Professorship

Established: 1976
Donor(s): David K. Ford and the Ford Family
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

A general endowment in honor of H. Clark Ford’s contributions to the university and to Cleveland was converted to a professorship in 2008. Mr. Ford, who developed the Cleveland and Eastern Railway Company, was senior partner of Ford, Snyder, and Tilden.

Char and Chuck Fowler Professor of Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Established: 2008
Donor(s): Char and Chuck Fowler
Chair Holder: David Cooperrider
Year Appointed: 2018

The professorship is part of the $7.5 million Char and Chuck Fowler Fund and provides support for sustainable value initiatives at the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit.

Kenneth Walter Haber Professorship

Established: 1997
Donor(s): Walter H. Haber, BBA’30, MA’33
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

The professorship was established through a bequest from Kenneth Haber’s father in his memory.

H.R. Horvitz Professorship in Family Business

Established: 1991
Donor(s): Harry and Lois Horvitz and their three children, Michael, Pam and Peter
Chair Holder: Richard Boyatzis
Year Appointed: 2008

A leader in business, newspaper publishing and his community, H.R. Horvitz established his Family Endowment Fund to promote the study of family-owned businesses toward helping them thrive. It became the H.R. Horvitz Professorship in Family Business in 2001.

Nancy and Joseph Keithley Professor of Technology Management

Established: 1980
Donor(s): Joseph P. Keithley
Chair Holder: Satish Nambisan
Year Appointed: 2017

The Joseph F. Keithley Endowment Fund was converted to the Nancy and Joseph Keithley Professorship in Technology Management in 1991 and the Nancy and Joseph Keithley Professorship in Industrial Marketing in 2007. Mr. Keithley is chairman, CEO and president of Keithley Instruments and a trustee of the university.

KeyBank Professorship

Established: 2011
Donor(s): KeyBank
Chair Holder: Diana Bilimoria
Year Appointed: 2011

The KeyBank Professorship supports a faculty member who demonstrates values of cultural diversity in business.

Lewis-Progressive Professorship in Management

Established: 1981
Donor(s): Peter B. Lewis, his mother, Helen R. Bialosky, BA’32, Progressive Mutual Insurance Company, and the Progressive Corporation
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

The chair is destined for a full-time, non-tenured faculty member. Mr. Lewis was the chairman of the board of Progressive Corporation, one of the nation’s largest auto insurance companies.

In 2021, the Lewis-Progressive Fellowship was awarded to Jie Ning and Qi Wu.

John R. Mannix Medical Mutual of Ohio Professorship in Health Care Finance

Donor(s): Blue Cross & Blue Shield with friends and other organizations who shared Blue Cross’ respect for and devotion to John Mannix.
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

The John R. Mannix Blue Cross & Blue Shield Endowment Fund became a professorship in healthcare finance in 1992. Mr. Mannix was inducted into the National Health Care Hall of Fame in Philadelphia in 1989 for his many contributions to the industry, including pioneering prepaid health service in the U.S.

A. Malachi Mixon III Professorship in Entrepreneurial Studies
with supporting fund
A. Malachi Mixon - F. J. Callahan, Jr. Program in Entrepreneurial Management

Established: 1992
Donor(s): A. Malachi Mixon III and F. Joseph Callahan Jr.
Chair Holder: Scott Shane
Year Appointed: 2011

The chair is held by a scholar of national stature in entrepreneurial studies. Mr. Mixon is the chairman and CEO of Invacare Corporation and an emeritus trustee of the university. He teamed with the late F. Joseph Callahan Jr., president and chairman of Swagelok, to establish the A. Malachi Mixon – F. J. Callahan Jr. Program in Entrepreneurial Management to provide added support for the chair. Mr. Callahan was a legendary behind-the-scenes philanthropist, who contributed greatly to Weatherhead and Case Western Reserve in numerous and profound ways.

Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professorship in Management

Established: 2010
Donor(s): Elizabeth M. Treuhaft, MA’33 and William C. Treuhaft
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

Mr. Treuhaft founded Tremco, now the Tremco Group, an affiliate company of RPM International. He and Mrs. Treuhaft endowed two chairs at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.

Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professorship in Entrepreneurship

Established: 2010
Donor(s): Elizabeth M. Treuhaft, MA’33 and William C. Treuhaft
Chair Holder: Youngjin Yoo
Year Appointed: 2016

The Treuhafts’ generosity provided for the establishment of two endowed chairs at the Weatherhead School of Managment.

William E. Umstattd Professorship in Industrial Economics

Established: 1975
Donor(s): Timken Foundation and the Timken Company
Chair Holder: Open
Year Appointed: N/A

Mr. Umstattd spent 54 years with the Timken Company, 25 of those as president. The chair was endowed in his honor.

Albert J. Weatherhead III Professorship in Management

Established: 1994
Donor(s): Albert J. Weatherhead, III, and the Weatherhead Foundation
Chair Holder: Manoj K. Malhotra
Year Appointed: 2017

This chair is occupied by the sitting dean. It was established by Albert J. Weatherhead, III, CEO of Weatherhead Industries and a former trustee of the university following the death of Albert J. Weatherhead, Jr., an industrial pioneer.

Iris S. Wolstein Professorship in Management Design

Established: 2003
Donor(s): Iris S. and Bert L. Wolstein, CLC’49
Chair Holder: Kalle Lyytinen
Year Appointed: 2003

The late Mr. Wolstein was the chairman and CEO of Developers Diversified. Mrs. Wolstein is the principal and president of Heritage Development Company.