Gift Planning | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Gift Planning

Gift planning is a meaningful way to leave a legacy at the Weatherhead School of Management. Through careful gift planning, a donor may be able to realize the benefits of tax savings as well as supplemental income.

Bequests are gifts made upon a donor’s death, most often through a will. Your bequest can be given as:

  • a specific sum of money
  • a percentage of your estate
  • a gift of particular assets, such as shares of stock in a corporation
  • or a gift of the remainder of your estate after distribution to loved ones

They can also be carried out through other vehicles that become effective at the time of your death:

  • a trust
  • life insurance policy
  • an IRA or a deferred compensation or 401(k) plan

The manner in which Weatherhead is to use your gift can be as specific or as broad as you wish.

It is easy to include Weatherhead in your estate plan by adding a simple codicil to an existing will or by including language in a will you are currently having drafted. Or, in some cases, you can fill out a simple beneficiary designation form.

If you have included Weatherhead in your estate plans, we hope you will inform us. We want to be able to recognize you for your generous intent and also make sure the gift will be appropriately stewarded.

Contact or 216.368.2787 for more information on gift planning.