2013 Honor Roll of Donors

We are grateful to our donors who invest in our students and academic programs. Their support provides talented students with the opportunity to obtain an innovative management education and learn from our highly accomplished faculty. The impact of their support enriches the lives of our students and faculty and works to maintain the highest standards of education.

Operating and Scholarship Funds

Accenture CWRU Alumni Fund

Mr. Phillip John Bell BS ’87
Mr. Bradley Donald Miyoshi MEM ’07
Mr. Karl E. Newkirk BS ’63, MBA ’69
Donald J. Richards BS ’79, MBA ’81
Mr. Jason Todd Sokoloff BS ’02, MBA ’03
Mr. Anand Swaminathan BA ’97, MBA ’99 and Mrs. Laura Marie Swaminathan BS ’99

B. Charles Ames Business Plan Competition & Distinguished Speaker Series

B. Charles Ames
The Ames Family Foundation

Beta Alpha Psi Spring Awards

Cohen & Company, Ltd.
Deloitte Services LP
Meaden & Moore
Plante & Moran
Skoda Minotti

Beta Gamma Sigma Award

Thompson Hine

David A. Bowers Economic Forecast Luncheon 2013 Sponsors

Allegro Realty Advisors
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Charles Schwab & Company
Fairmount Santrol
Fairport Asset Management
Forest City Enterprises, Inc.
Hahn, Loeser & Parks LLP
GLAS Funds
Highland Consulting Associates, Inc.
Howard & O'Brien Executive Search
MCPc, Inc.
SecureData 365
Spero-Smith Investment Advisers, Inc.
Western Reserve Systems, Inc.
Winfield Associates, Inc.

Case Alumni Association

John D. Adams, Ph.D. BS ’65, PhD ’69
Mr. John Atkinson BS ’69 and Mrs. Patricia Ellen Atkinson BS ’69, MS ’70
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Czajkowski BS ’60, MS ’64
Mr. Alexander M. Harik BS ’08
Mr. Douglas W. Nock BS ’62

Cliffs Foundation Scholarship

The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation

CYAAB Scholarships

Mr. Louis Dykstra Burnoski BS ’06, MS’07 and Mrs. Susan Pho Burnoski BS ’07, MAcc ’07
Mr. Thomas Creegan BS ’09, MAcc ’09
Mr. John Martin Hill BS ’08, MAcc ’09
Sabam Hutajulu, Ph.D. MAcc ’97, PhD ’02
Mr. David T. Srsen BS ’10, MA ’10

Dean’s Discretionary Fund

Richard James Boland, Jr., Ph.D. ‘76
Fred Collopy, Ph.D.
Ms. Colleen Ann Gepperth BA ’94
Mr. and Mrs. W. Nicholas Howley

DM Advancement Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Fountain
EMBA ’83, DM ’99, PFP ’01
Louann H. Cummings, D.M. ’99
Jeffrey W. Ferguson, D.M. ’99
Dr. Robert M. Krug DM ’06
Mary E. Lord, Ph.D. ’12
Mr. Ray Murphy

Economics Department

Dr. David A. Huettner BS ’65, MA ’69, PhD ’72 and Mrs. Sue B. Huettner BS ’68
Md Shamsul Huq, Ph.D. MA ’74, PhD ’79
Mr. Robert Beidleman Miller MBA ’61
Daniel A. Pavsek, Ph.D. MA ’77, PhD ’81
Mr. Douglas Rathburn BA ’97, BS ’97, MSE ’00 and Mrs. Erynn Rathburn BSN ’99

Ernst & Young Fund

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bergold MBA ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Elcik BS ’90, BA ’91
Ernst & Young Foundation
Mr. Isaac Pearlman BS ’12
Mr. Ryan R. Shoup BA ’11, BS ’11
Mark Taylor, PhD
Mr. John D. Witkowski BS ’12, MA ’12
Dr. Stephen Young MAcc ’92, PhD ’97 and Dr. Amy Young, BA ‘98, MS ’98, MD ’03

The Char & Chuck Fowler Fund

Char and Chuck Fowler EMBA ’90

Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Mr. Beau Daane MBA ’12
Mr. Christopher David Panek BS ’96
Mr. Roger Saillant

Gift in Kind

Mr. Gerard Daher MBA ’00 and Dr. Susan Lasch MD ’01

Global MBA Fund

B. Charles Ames

MBA Scholarship Fund

Ms. Deborah L. Bibb
Ms. Stacey M. Bowen MBA ’02
Mr. Brian Scott Bules MBA ’95
Harvey L. Ceaser, P.E. MBA ’68
Mr. Stephen Wayne Denman MBA ’96
Ms. Ramona Diaconu MS ’05 BS ’05
Mr. Thomas Hach & Ms. Anne Blum MBA ’95, MBA ’98
Mr. L. Christopher Lund EMBA ’99
Mr. Donald Walter Majcher MBA ’81
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Osborne MS ’73
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Ponsky MD ’71, EMBA ’90
Ms. Laleh Ramezani BS ’81
Mr. Joseph J. Sarasa MBA ’92
Mr. Oleksiy S. Steshenko MBA ’02
Ms. Hui Tang MBA ’12
Mr. Damon Matthew Taseff MBA ’08
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Weiss MSSA ’79, MBA ’10

Mandel Center Alumni Association Annual Fund

Marlene M. Maruna, LISW MS ’75
Ruth Ann Sabiers, M.S.S.A. MS ’67
Mrs. Judith G. Saucedo MSSW ’62
Ms. Rebecca C. Stager CNM ’88
Carole A. Davis, N.D. CNM ’98
Ms. Sandra Michele Fishbach MNO ’07

MBA Global Scholarship Fund

B. Charles Ames

MOOC Entrepreneurial Ecosystem by Professor Michael Goldberg

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation

Price Waterhouse Fund

Mr. Lance W. Loder BS ’04 and Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Yoder BS ’04, MAcc ’05

Saltz, Shamis and Goldfarb/SS&G Fund

Saltz, Shamis and Goldfarb/SS&G
Mr. Gary Shamis
Ms. Kim Zagar
Ms. Mary Liggett

Haskins and Sells Fund

Mr. Douglas Henry Rand BS ’04, MAcc ’05
Mr. Peter N. Ruma, Sr. MBA ’62

Weatherhead 100 Award Sponsors

CBIZ Retirement Plan Services
Expedient Data Centers
Inside Business Magazine
SS&G, Inc.

Weatherhead Faculty Fellowship

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Daberko MBA ’70

Weatherhead Fellowships

Laub Foundation

Weatherhead Moving Forward Fund

B. Charles Ames
Mr. Sawwaf Bacchus MBA ’09
Mrs. Danielle Bates BS ’10, MA ’10
Ms. K. Grace Bell BS ’10
Ms. Valbona Bushi BS ’08, MAcc ’09
Mr. Ajay Chandran MBA ’02
The Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation
Mrs. Joanne S. Davis MBA ’92
John Andrew Domonkos, Ph.D. MA ’62, PhD ’72
Mrs. Kathy Lynne Everson MAcc ’93
Ms. Megan Holmes Fellinger MBA ’01
Mr. Matthew Gardner BS ’09, MAcc ’09
Edd Gulati-Partee MBA ’04 and Gita Gulati-Partee MBA ’98
Glen Morad Guyuron, Esq. JD ’07, MBA ’07
Ms. Laura Junglas MS ’99
Mr. Jeffrey Arthur Knape MBA ’99
Noah Adam Konikow BS ’07 and Devon Konikow BS ’08, MAcc ’08
Mary Lynne Markus, Ph.D. ’79
Peggy L. Melnick, C.P.A. BS ’01
Ms. Susan P. Mucciarone MBA ’84
Mr. Byron John Olexa MBA ’94
Mr. John I. Rankin EMBA ’85
Mr. William B. Richards, P.E. MBA ’71
Ms. Morgan Ricketts
Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Rogers BS ’66, MBA ’70
Mrs. Christine M. Stuhlmiller MBA ’03
Ms. Akiko Takei MBA ’01
Ms. Hui Tang MBA ’12
Mr. Frank M. Van Lier MBA ’89

The Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts in the 2013 calendar year (January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013) to the Weatherhead School of Management. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. If you detect any errors or omissions, please email Shirley Reynolds or call her at 216.368.0456. See the abbreviation key.