The Andrew D. Braden Fund

Endowment Reaches $1 Million to Honor a Beloved Professor

Some teachers are impossible to forget. Andrew “Andy” D. Braden (pictured left), CPA (1916–1993), who taught accountancy at Case Western Reserve for more than 40 years, was such a professor. Weatherhead alumnus Edward Hemmelgarn, MBA ’80, WRC ’76, and his wife Janice Hammond, PhD, GRS ’98, WRC ’75, chose to remember Braden by issuing a generous $325,000 challenge grant with an aim to establish the Andrew D. Braden Professorship of Accounting and Auditing. The challenge was met on December 31, when a $1 million milestone was reached. Since the time of Hemmelgarn’s initial donation to start the fund, 288 donors have collectively contributed to honor Professor Braden. Weatherhead will continue to build the endowment to $1.5 million to support a full-time accounting faculty member.

Hemmelgarn, who is president, CEO, and chief investment officer of Shaker Investments, reflects, “Andrew Braden was just a wonderful human being and highly respected professor, and we are happy to make this gift in his honor.” Braden joined the faculty at Western Reserve in 1946, and served over the course of his career as director of the Accounting and MBA programs. His motto was, “Busy people are happy people”—words he lived by.

Hemmelgarn notes that in addition to paying homage to the legacy of an influential man and to “the excellence of his teaching and his integrity,” his generous gift “allows us to stress the importance of independent audits and highly qualified independent audit firms in the public market investment process.” The couple praise Case Western Reserve University and Weatherhead for “a long history of leadership in the field of accounting and auditing due to the efforts of Andrew Braden and others.”

Fundraising for the endowed chair is being led by Gary Previts, PhD, CPA, Distinguished University Professor, E. Mandell de Windt Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development, and Chair and Professor of Accountancy, and with Philip J. (Chip) Bell, WRC ’87 of Accenture. Make your gift, or for more information email Laura Desmond, Associate Dean, or call her at 216.368.2787.

Andrew D. Braden Fund Donors

Lead Gift

Edward P. Hemmelgarn and Janice Hammond, PhD

Donors of $5,000 or more

Mr. Mark Elliott Barrus
Mr. Thomas E. Barton
Mr. Phillip “Chip” Bell
Mr. Leon W. Blazey, Jr.
Cohen & Company
Mr. Dennis Alan Conrad
Mr. Lawrence Francis Cruise
Mr. Paul E. Curth
Mr. James M. Delaney
Deloitte Foundation
Ernst & Young Foundation
Kenneth M. Haffey
Gretchen R. Haggerty
IBM International Foundation

Mr. Bruce A. Jackson
Larry M. Parker, Ph.D. and Jennifer Johnson
Gary Joseph Juhnke
Mr. J. Michael Kolk
Mr. Robert Daniel Koney, Jr.
KPMG Foundation
Cinda Braden Morgan
North Coast Online Inc
Ohio Society of CPAs – Cleveland Chapter
Dr. David B. Pearson
Dr. & Mrs. Gary J. Previts
Keith L. Sechler CPA
Walthall, Drake & Wallace LLP

Other Generous Donors

Mr. James A. Amdur
American Accounting Association
Ameritech Foundation
Ameritech Ohio Bell Foundation
Mr. Steven C. Anderson
Aon Corporation
Mrs. Randa Jo Applegate
Roger H. Arnstine, CPA
AT&T Foundation
Ms. Bonnie M. Baker
Bancohio National Bank
Band, Rosenbaum & Martin, P.C.
Mr. Stephen J. Bassett
Chauncey Beagle
Esther K. & Elmer G. Beamer Foundation
Mrs. Lori A. G. Belza
Mr. Michael W. Bender
Mr. Ralph E. Berger
Mr. Sheldon Berkman
Richard James Boland, Jr., Ph.D.
Ms. Romayne Lisa Botti
BP Amoco Corporation
Mrs. Joanne Kapitzky Brezic
Robert J. Bricker, Ph.D.
Mr. Brian Farley Broadbent, C.P.A.
Mr. Jonathan M. Brody
Richard Alan Calich
Mr. Reiner G. Cameron
David R. Campbell, Ph.D.
Ms. Cheryl Lila Carlisle
Mr. Patrick Thomas Carney
Ms. Carleen K. Carver
Case Alumni Association
Cedar Point
Ms. Anjalee M. Chauhan
Ms. Chiung-Yu Chen
Ms. Charlene Cheng
Ms. Judith Ann Colburn
Commerce Clearing House, Inc.
Kevin Patrick Croke
Mr. Raymond L. Cushing, III
James Patrick Cusick
Mr. Raymond F. Czinger
Anne E. Dalzell
Dana Corporation Foundation
Nathan L. Dauby Charitable Fund
Ms. Susan Woodward Demaske
A. J. Tom DeMinico
Mr. Sergey Dluzhevskiy
Mrs. Judith A. Dobbins
Mr. Bryan John Dziedziak, C.P.A.
Eaton Corporation
Mr. Andrew Elcik
Mr. Rodney G. Ensley
Ernst & Young LLP
Lawrence Joseph Evans CPA
Mark Lynn Fagerholm
Mr. D. James Fajack
Mr. Anthony Fatica
Linda Barlow Ferreri, Ph.D.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Financial Executives Institute N.E.O
FM Global Foundation
Gordon G. Foerster
Mr. James Phillip Fowler
Mr. John Calvin Fravel
Ms. Sharon Wong Fredrickson
Mr. Charles L. Fuller, C.P.A.
G. & M. Health Care Business Systems
Mrs. Marilyn J. Gagen
Mrs. Fion H. Gee
Ms. Larysa L. Gibson
Starla R. Gibson
Mr. Edmund R. Gierth
Mr. Richard Allen Gist
Ms. Gloria Etta Goldenberg
W. R. Grace Foundation, Inc.
Julia E. Grant, Ph.D.
Grover Family Philanthropic Fund
Mr. Brent R. Grover
Mrs. Stephanie Miles Grund
Mr. Robert Louis Guido
Mr. James E. Hachen, C.P.A.
Mr. Albert F. Hanzlick
Ms. Nancy Lynn Harrington
Ms. M. Ann Harsh
Mr. Douglas Lee Heiser
Mr. James S. Herak
Mr. G. Thomas Hough
Mr. Jonathon Lee Hoyt
Pei-Gin Hsieh, PhD
Mr. Samuel W. Hughes
Ms. Dawn Catherine Humenik
Mr. Matthew Elliott Hurley C.P.A.
Sabam Hutajulu, Ph.D.
Mr. Christopher Todd Hutter
John J. Isely
Jerold H. Israel

Maria Nicole Jaecklein
Mr. David G. Johnson
Prof. David E. Jones
Mr. Abraham C. Joseph
Mrs. Judith Ann Kellogg, C.P.A.
Keystone Financial Planning, Inc.
Patricia Kilrain
Kirkland and Ellis Foundation
Mr. James Robert Komos
Kopperman & Wolf Company
Catherine H. Kowalski
Ms. Karolyn Adele Krems
Marty Krist
Mr. Bradley D. Kronstat
Mrs. Michele Renee' Kuhrt
Mr. William B. La Place
Mr. Donald A. Lazar
Mr. David W. Lehman
Mr. W. Frederick Lemke
Ms. Judith L. Lewis, CPA
Mr. William H. Lieberman
Mrs. Holly Kathleen Lipkovich
Mr. James A. MacCutcheon
Mr. Paul Brian Madow
Mr. Philip James Maguire
William Hogan Marquard
Mr. Scott D. Martin
Mr. Michael D. McPhillips
McQuilkin, Vine, Barber and Company
Mr. James Eric Merklin, C.P.A.
Alfred R. Michenzi, Ph.D.
Mrs. Harry Miklis
Carl G. Miller
Mr. Carl J. Monastra
Robert L. Moore
Ms. Barbara A. Myers
William Scott Nethercut
Mr. Kenneth E. Niemi
Nordson Corporation
Mr. Milton Ross Norris
Mr. Maurice L. Offit
Ohio Society of CPAs – Educational Fund
Mr. Vincent M. Panichi
Mr. Karamjeet S. Paul
Mr. William Earl Paxton
John R. Pinardo
Mr. Jeff A. Pomerantz
Mr. Kosta Pyatkovski
Leonard A Rabe, CPA
Ms. Lisa A. Rachul
Alfred Rappaport
Raytheon Company
Mr. Donald J. Richards, C.P.A.
Richlak, Lawyer & Co.
James D. Richlak
Mr. James E. Richmond
Rolann Associates
Romeo & Company
Mr. Aldo Romeo
Myron Rubin
Mrs. Kathy E. Ruekberg
Jack M. Ruhl, Ph.D.
Mr. Peter N. Ruma, Sr.
Mr. Yozo Sakaguchi
Mr. Mark Schierholt
Mr. Donald M. Schindler
Arnold Schneider, Ph.D.
Mr. Stephen A. Sheridan
Mr. Terry Lovell Shockey
Mr. Ryan Michael Siebel
Mr. Mark Ian Siegal
The Alvin and Laura Siegal Foundation
Mark Curtis Silbiger, J.D.
Mr. Randel Todd Simon
Mr. Thomas G. Smith
Ms. Janice R. Sockness
Daniel Solow, Ph.D.
Mr. Timothy Francis Soltis
Ms. Mamta Soni
Mr. David T. Srsen
Linda May Stillabower, Ph.D.
Ellen Renate Stout
Mr. William Sangchul Suh
Mark Taylor, Ph.D.
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Sherwin-Williams Foundation
Mr. Kevin Vernell Tolbert
TRW Foundation
Barbara Ann Uliss, Ph.D.
United Way of Summit County
Richard William Voldrich
VSV Enterprises Inc.
Mr. Kuo-Wei Wang
Mr. Tun-Chen Wang
Mr. Michael D. Warantz
Christopher Anthony Weaver
Ms. Geri Lynn Weis
Mr. David Walter Werzel
Mr. James P. Whelan
Mr. James Wu, Jr.
Anita M. Zimmerman