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2015 Honor Roll of Donors

Donor Clubs


Partners ($500 - $999)

Dr. and Mrs. Keith Alley MBA '85
John C. Andries, Ph.D. MS '69, PhD '71, EMBA '81
Mr. Eugene Lorenzo Avila MBA '94
Mr. Nathaniel Christian Bayer MBA '05
Dr. Carl Block BBA '58, MBA '61 and Dr. Joyanne E. Belt Block BS '59, MA '65
Mr. Richard H. Bohr MBA '62
Mr. Paul Stephen Borzcik MBA '80
Kimberly Lynn Bowser, CPA MBA '05
Caroline K. Boyer, Ph.D. '66
Cynthia Marie Brogan+ BS '80, MBA '85
Mr. Stuart B. Brooks MBA '81 and Mrs. Mary Uhl Brooks MA '82, MSL '82
Richard Alan Calich MAcc '88
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Carfagna EMBA '13
Mr. Ajay Chandran MBA '02
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Michael Crowley EMBA '03
Louann H. Cummings, D.M. '99
Mr. Norman J. Cutri MBA '61
Mr. Michael R. D'Agostino MBA '97
Dr. Roger DeBard MBA '68 and Mrs. Janet Marie DeBard MA '70
John Andrew Domonkos, Ph.D. MA '62, PhD '72
Ms. Indrani Egleston EMBA '12
Dr. Stephen Enseleit BS '97 and Mrs. Jennifer H. Enseleit BS '97
Jeffrey W. Ferguson, D.M. '99
Richard Edward Ferraro, M.D. BS '94
Mrs. Laurajeanne Fligor MBA '13
Dr. William Forsythe BA '63, EMBA '97 and Mrs. Paula Cannavino Forsythe, R.N. BSN '64, MSN '82
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Fountain EMBA '83, DM '99, PFP '01
Mr. Robert S. Frick, III MBA '78
Ms. Clare L. Frissora EMBA '98
Mr. Amit Garg MS '95
John H. Gerstenmaier, Jr., D.D.S. BS '67, CPT '75, PFP '99
Mr. Robert J. Gridley+ BS '53, MS '57
Mr. Edward Austin Guthrie, Jr. MBA '69
Mr. Daniel Justin Haynes BS '03 and Mrs. Megan J. Haynes BS '03
Sue Helper, Ph.D.
Robert Delmar Huber, Jr., C.P.A. MBA '80
Marguerite B. Humphrey, D.M. MNO '92, DM '00
Md Shamsul Huq, Ph.D. MA '74, PhD '79

Bruce A. Jackson BS '73
Ms. Michelle Taylor Johnson MBA '98
Mr. Lowell M. Jones MBA '62
Ms. Jacqueline Bascobert Kelm MBA '96
Mr. Benjamin J. Kman MBA '00
Mr. Mark Knebusch MBA '85
Mr. John Douglas Kobs MBA '74
Mr. Michael Allen Koler MBA '91
Frederick C. Leitert MBA '69
Mr. Joseph James Levanduski MBA '91
Kalle Lyytinen, Ph.D.
Mr. David Peter Mariano, Jr. BS '00
Mr. Joseph Charles Maurer MBA '83
Diane O. McDaniel EMBA '87, AMP '89
Ms. Marianne Theresa Meil MBA '87
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Paul Norton MBA '92
Mr. Brendan Robert O'Malley MBA '96
Mr. William R. Patton MBA '54 and Mrs. William R. Patton BA '42, MA '46
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Phalen, Jr.
Ms. Shelly Power CNM '98
Mr. Rian M. Pressman MBA '00
Mr. Franz Pussel, Jr. MBA '66
Mr. Bruce T. Rankin MS '87
Ms. Lianna Shae Levine Reisner MS '11
Mr. Thomas John Rose MBA '04
Mrs. Loretta Schneider MBA '62
Mr. and Mrs. Lino Sergo MBA '06
Mrs. Akhila Skiftenes BS '04, MBA '11
Ms. Linda H. Springer MBA '00
Mr. Chaluvadi Kotaiah Sridhar EMBA '97
Mr. Brett Stalnaker MBA '04
Mrs. Christine M. Stuhlmiller MBA '03
Ms. Elizabeth Swanzy-Parker MBA '00
Mark Taylor, Ph.D.
Argerie Vasilakes MS '10
Clifford Alan Wolf MA '77, MBA '86
Dr. E. Herrold Yamaguchi PhD '79, MD '79 and Ms. E. Yamaguchi MBA '82
Mr. Dean Karabogias EMBA '14 and Dr. Joan Zoltanski MBA '98, MD '03

The Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts in the 2015 calendar year (January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015) to the Weatherhead School of Management. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. If you detect any errors or omissions, please email supportweatherhead@case.edu or call 216.368.2787. See the abbreviation key .