2015 Honor Roll of Donors | Weatherhead

2015 Honor Roll of Donors

Memorial Gifts are a special way to honor a friend or a loved one who has passed away. While supporting the school, these gifts ensure a legacy for the deceased that extends far into the future.

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Mary Blazey
Geraldine Bialkowski
Suzanne Bialkowski
Bratenahl Community Foundation
Mr. Fred J. Brinkman
Ms. Diana L. Cooks
Mr. Leroy J. Call and Ms. Barbara S. Cross BSN '73
Andrew and Arlene Duboff
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Frank, Jr.
Mr. Matthew Gardner MAcc '09, BS '09
Griffith Family Revocable Living Trust
Ms. Madeleine B. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Herrick
Horizon Science Academy
David P. Hunt BS '63, MBA '68 and Dianne Liddell Hunt BA '65, MSSA '67
Mr. Matthew Elliott Hurley C.P.A. MAcc '07, BSA '07
Mr. Albert F. Klavora
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Lavelle
Ms. Mary E. Levine
Mr. Karl E. Newkirk BS '63, MBA '69
Ms. Kimberly Joy Paradise
Mr. Konstantin Pyatkovskiy
Ms. Joan R. Quigley
Mr. Douglas Henry Rand BS '04, MAcc '05
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Rodio
Mrs. Betty Rosskamm
Thomas P. Rudibaugh
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Sacks
Ms. Susanne K. Schambs
Joseph F. Tetlak
Ms. Suzann K. Thompson
Ms. Catherine A. Wright              
Dr. Stephen Young MAcc '92, PhD '97 and Dr. Amy Young BA '98, MS '98, MD '03

In Memory of Professor Andrew Braden
Mr. James S. Herak MBA '72

In Memory of Mrs. Nirmala Chandran
Mr. Ajay Chandran MBA '02

In Memory of Godofredo D. Domingo
Mr. James Domingo EMBA '06

In Memory of Susan Goellner
Mr. Robert H. Becker BS '01
In Memory of Dr. Robert Hain
Ms. Mary Hain

In Memory of Betsy Hatok
Martine Lydia Trinka, Esq. BA '08, BS '09

In Memory of Jinhwa Jeong
Mr. Harrison H. Kim BS '97, BA '97

In Memory of Judith Kovalik
Mr. Frederick M. Kovalik AMP '75

In Memory of Lanny M. Solomon
Mrs. Nancy Solomon BA '69

In Memory of Professor Suresh Srivastva
Harry S. Jonas, III, Ph.D. '87

In Memory of Rudy Tichy
Jerry and Marlene Tomko

In Memory of Tracy L. Tomko MBA '00
Gary and Carol Ellis
P.J. Ellis Electric Company, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Theis BA '66

In Memory of Weldon Welfling
Mr. Douglas A. Havighurst MA '73

In Memory of Nancy Blazey Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Herrick
Ms. Suzann K. Thompson

The Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts in the 2015 calendar year (January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015) to the Weatherhead School of Management. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. If you detect any errors or omissions, please email supportweatherhead@case.edu or call 216.368.2787. See the abbreviation key .