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2015 Honor Roll of Donors

Donor Clubs


Investors ($1,000 - $2,499)

Mr. Ali Hassan Ahmed BS '95, EMBA '08 and Ms. Elizabeth Ahmed MS '05
Richard B. Ainsworth, Jr. and Joan H. Ainsworth MBA '86             
Denis J. Amato BBA '67, MBA '69
Mr. Arthur Frank Anton MBA '90
Bernard Craig Bailey, Ph.D. '12
Bonnie Merrick Baker MBA '86
Mrs. Nancy Cunningham Benacci MBA '80
Mr. Darshan Niranjan Bhatt MBA '00
Mr. Jared Blank MBA '99
Douglas Carl Bloomfield MBA '87
Mr. John C. Bordeaux EMBA '89
Valerie K. Brown, D.M. '00
Harvey L. Ceaser, P.E. MBA '68
Mr. Barry R. Chesler MBA '72
Mr. James Karl Ciroli BS '86
Phillip A. Cola, M.A.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cushwa MBA '75
Mr. Joseph Degenfelder MBA '72 and Dr. Pauline Degenfelder MBA '82, PhD '72
Mr. Don Esarove MBA '65
Dr. Avrum I. Froimson BS '51 and Mrs. Phyllis Peltz Froimson BS '53, MBA '80
Leah S. Gary BSN '80, MSN '85 and J.B. Silvers, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard Allen Gist MAcc '85
Mr. Robert A. Glick and Mrs. Joann Glick MSN '79
Mr. James D. Gottfried BS '73, JD '76
Ms. Carolyn Gregory EMBA '03
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Greve MBA '74
Dr. Barry E. Griffiths PhD '83 and Mrs. Donna J. W. Griffths MBA '82
Mr. Robert Louis Guido EMBA '84
Mr. and Mrs. Baird Hansen
Mr. Baird Hansen BS '15               
Mr. Samuel C. Harpold MBA '06
Mrs. Kristie L. Helfrich MBA '01
Mr. Daniel Samuel Herman MBA '85
Mr. James E. Hilyard MBA '70
Mr. Scott Hodan MBA '84
David P. Hunt BS '63, MBA '68 and Dianne Liddell Hunt BA '65, MSSA '67
Mr. Chester Edward James II MBA '88 and Mrs. Lynn Elaine James MS '87
Mr. Jack Jankovic MBA '89
Mr. F. Steven Kappel MS '91
Mr. Harrison H. Kim BS '97, BA '97
Mr. Thomas A. King
Mr. Jason A. Korosec Esq. MBA '97, JD '97
Mr. Peter Alan Kuhn EMBA '88
Ms. Janet Susan Leong MBA '82
Norbert J. Lewandowski MBA '64
Mr. Eric A. Logan MBA '01
Gilbert Lowenthal, M.D. EMBA '87
Mr. C. Scot Lowry MBA '01

Mr. John Robert Mahne MBA '74
Mary Lynne Markus Ph.D. '79
William Hogan Marquard MBA '84 and Leslie Marquard
Ms. Jamille V. McCullough MBA '99
Mr. Robert W. McNutt EMBA '14
Mr. John Thomas Allan McRae, II MBA '96
Kevin John Meyers, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP MS '81
Mr. and Mrs. Kirt Anthony Montlack MBA '94
Mr. Karl E. Newkirk BS '63, MBA '69
Richard L. Osborne MS '73
Mr. and Mrs.+ Henry Ott-Hansen MBA '63
Ms. Judith A. Pietrasiewicz MBA '76
Mr. Stephen Kenneth Pilotti MBA '95
Mr. Spencer Pisczak EMBA '01
Mr. Alexander D. Pringle EMBA '93 and Mrs. Cathy S. Pringle MBA '81
Judith Elaine Shaffer Quin MBA '82
William R. Robertson MBA '67 and Sarah P. Robertson
Mr. Mark Louis Rodio BS '92
Mr. Michael W. Rohovsky
Mr. Paul Rohovsky MBA '95
Mr. David J. Ryan MBA '81 and Mrs. G. Robin Ryan MBA '82
Paul Thomas Sands, Jr. EMBA '87
Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Scherzer MBA '67
Mr. Edward H. Schwallie MBA '65
Mr. Howard Samuel Schwartz MBA '96
Mr. Antonio L. Scinicariello BA '00, BS '00
Mr. and Mrs. Donald William Strang, III MBA '84
Mr. William G. Stuart BS '95, MBA '96 and Mrs. Christine Stuart BSN '95, MSN '03
Mrs. Jennifer Joyce Sullivan MBA '86
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Sutherland MBA '81
Ms. Lorraine S. Szabo MS '79
Timothy Joseph Timura D.M. '08
Ms. Florence Tracy Upson MBA '83
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veres MBA '85
Mr. Charles Thomas Visconsi MBA '97
Mr. Thomas Patrick Walsh MBA '86
Dori and Russ Warren BS '60
Mr. Ralph E. Weil MBA '71
Robert E. Widing, Ph.D.

The Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts in the 2015 calendar year (January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015) to the Weatherhead School of Management. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. If you detect any errors or omissions, please email supportweatherhead@case.edu or call 216.368.2787. See the abbreviation key .