2015 Honor Roll of Donors | Weatherhead

2015 Honor Roll of Donors

A special thanks to those who have established and supported endowments at Weatherhead in 2015. These funds have a powerful and lasting effect on the School. Permanently invested by Case Western Reserve, these funds generate interest that is used for the purpose the donor chooses to support—scholarships, graduate fellowships, research, lectureships, programs, and much more. Endowments provide a permanent legacy for the donors and a long-enduring stream of income for Weatherhead. We are very grateful for these impactful contributions. View all of the endowed professorships and endowed scholarships that have been established at Weatherhead.

Endowed Funds and Professorships

B. Charles Ames Professorship (In Honor of B. Charles Ames)
B. Charles & Jay G. Ames Foundation
Mr. Darrell W. Austin
Barry Wish Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bartlett
Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital
Mrs. Robert M. Biggar
Mrs. Pat Brownell
Mr. and Mrs. John Burns
Chicago Community Foundation
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice LLC
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway              
Cornerstone Family Office, LLC
Ned and Cindy Huffman
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Koldyke
Ms. Joanne Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr.
Jill and Alan Rappaport
Ms. Carrie A. Rosko
SandFair Foundation
Bob and Linda Taylor Foundation
Ms. Catherine G. Veres

Pamela W. Anderson Endowment Fund
Thomas W. Anderson and Rosalie Tyner Anderson BSN '63, MSN '79

John D. Aram Legacy Fund
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Fountain EMBA '83, DM '99, PFP '01
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Hilton DM '06
Mr. Charles and Dr. Patricia Mintz CNM '98, DM '03
Patricia and Charles Mintz Philanthropic Fund

Lee and Mary Blazey Chair in Taxation
Mr. Ryan Paul Arlia BS '07, MAcc '08
Arlington Community Foundation
Mr. Jeffrey Brent Armstrong BS '00 and Mrs. Laura Marie Armstrong BS '00, MS '02
Geraldine Bialkowski
Suzanne Bialkowski
Mr. Leon W. Blazey, Jr. BBA '63
Mrs. Mary Blazey+
Bratenahl Community Foundation
Mr. Fred J. Brinkman
Mr. Steven Chang BS '08
Ms. Diana L. Cooks
Mr. Thomas Creegan BS '09, MAcc '09
Mr. Leroy J. Call and Ms. Barbara S. Cross BSN '73
Mr. Zachary Charles Davis BS '07, MAcc '08 and Mrs. Carolyn Anne Davis BA '06, JD '09
Andrew and Arlene Duboff
Ms. Monica Dumitriu BA '99, BS '99, MBA '00
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Julian W. Fore and Dr. Beverly A. Sauer MBA '82
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Frank, Jr.
Mr. Matthew Gardner MAcc '09, BS '09
Mr. Joseph Vincent Gioffre, III BS '04, MAcc '04
Griffith Family Revocable Living Trust
Ms. Madeleine B. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Lute Harmon
Mr. William Charles Harrington Jr. MBA '08
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Herrick
Horizon Science Academy
David P. Hunt BS '63, MBA '68 and Dianne Liddell Hunt BA '65, MSSA '67
Mr. Matthew Elliott Hurley C.P.A. MAcc '07, BS '07
Mr. Albert F. Klavora
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Lavelle
Ms. Mary E. Levine
Mr. Alan Everett Long BS '15
Charles S. McClure
N.E.O. Tennis Patrons, Inc.
Mr. Karl E. Newkirk BS '63, MBA '69
Ms. Kimberly Joy Paradise
Mr. Konstantin Pyatkovskiy
Ms. Joan R. Quigley
Mr. Douglas Henry Rand BS '04, MAcc '05
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Rodio
Mrs. Betty Rosskamm
Thomas P. Rudibaugh
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Sacks
Ms. Barbara Savage
Ms. Susanne K. Schambs
Mr. Ryan Michael Siebel BS '00, MAcc '01
Mr. William Lee Spring JD '67
Ms. Rachel Hannah Stone BS '15, MA '15
Paul and Diane Temple
Joseph F. Tetlak
Ms. Suzann K. Thompson
Three Swallows Foundation
Mr. Justin Scott Williams BS '10, MA '10
Mr. Robert A. Winemiller BS '15
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Winemiller
Ms. Catherine A. Wright
Dr. Stephen Young MAcc '92, PhD '97 and Dr. Amy Young BA '98, MS '98, MD '03
Min Zhu MBA '08

Andrew D. Braden Fund
Mr. Mark Elliott Barrus MAcc '83
Mr. Thomas E. Barton BA '67, MBA '72
Mr. Phillip John Bell BS '87
Mr. Leon W. Blazey, Jr. BBA '63
Mrs. Mary Blazey+
Mr. Lawrence Francis Cruise MAcc '83 and Mrs. Sarah Jane Cruise JD '87
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Haffey
Edward Hemmelgarn BA '76, MBA '80 and Janice Hammond Hemmelgarn BS '75, PhD '98
Mr. James S. Herak MBA '72
Mr. Matthew Elliott Hurley C.P.A. BS '07, MAcc '07
Gary Joseph Juhnke BS '86
Mr. J. Michael Kolk BS '82
Mr. James A. MacCutcheon BS '74
Mr. Thomas H. Payne BA '76
Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Previts
Mr. James E. Richmond BBA '60
Keith L. Sechler, C.P.A. BS '78
Mr. David T. Srsen BS '10, MA '10
Mark H. Taylor, Ph.D.
United Way of Summit County

William E. Cox Jr. Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Nevans Jr. MBA '72

William W. and Anna Jean Cushwa Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cushwa MBA '75

Jack and Jean Dannemiller Scholarship Fund
John C. Dannemiller, Jr. BS '60, MBA

Thomas M. Dickerson Endowment Fund
Mr. William B. La Place

Engaged Management Endowment Fund
Gabriel Berczely, DM '14
Ms. Laurie A. Branch, Ph.D. '15
Bernard Craig Bailey, Ph.D. '12
Dr. & Mrs. Michael T. Fisher, Ph.D. '13

Fowler Family Fellowships Endowment
Char and Chuck Fowler EMBA '90

Sherman Kempter Grinnell Scholarship Fund
Mr. Kevin J. Grinnell
Mrs. Pamela P. Grinnell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Grinnell
The KeyBank Professorship
Key Foundation

KPMG-Louis E. Levy Scholarship Fund
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Louis E. Levy BA '56 and Sandra H. Levy

The Mandel Center Scholarship Fund
Mr. Dennis Jerome Davies MNO '94

T. Richard and Elizabeth Martin Scholarship Fund
Mr.+ and Mrs. T. Richard Martin

The MBA Scholarship Fund

Diane O. McDaniel Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ms. Jane Christyson
Mrs. Kathy Lynne Everson MAcc '93
Ms. Clarice Henderson
Mr. Eric Douglas Keene MBA '94
Ms. Cheryl M. Lauderdale
Diane O. McDaniel EMBA '87, AMP '89
Ms. Shirley Reynolds

Suresh Srivastva Scholarship Fund
Harry S. Jonas, III, Ph.D. PhD '87

Dennis W. Sullivan Scholarship Endowment Fund
Mr. Dennis W. Sullivan MBA '69

Tracy L. Tomko Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gary and Carol Ellis
P.J. Ellis Electric Company, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Theis BA '66
Jerry and Marlene Tomko

Norman E. Wallace Legacy Fund
Mr. Raland S. Hatchett, Jr. MBA '05
Ms. Janine L. Spears MBA '94

Wallach-Lee Families Endowment Fund
Dr. David Wallach BS '62 and Dr. Carole Wallach BS '63

Weatherhead Century Grant Fund
Albert J. Weatherhead, III Foundation
Mrs. Celia Scott Weatherhead

The Honor Roll recognizes donors who made gifts in the 2015 calendar year (January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015) to the Weatherhead School of Management. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. If you detect any errors or omissions, please email supportweatherhead@case.edu or call 216.368.2787. See the abbreviation key .