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Stormy Sweitzer

Stormy Sweitzer
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2017 - Present

Stormy Sweitzer is a PhD student in the Department of Organizational Behavior. Her research interests focus on the phenomenon of wonder, how inclusion is attained within organizations, & the dynamics that foster organizational formation, each with an eye to how we imagine and create the future individually and collectively. She is particularly interested in qualitative methods and draws on both interpersonal and digital means of exploring phenomena.

She is an experienced executive coach and leadership development consultant, having worked with organizations such as Unilever and the UN World Food Program. She has also consulted extensively on leadership, organizational culture, work process design and risk management, as well as run several entrepreneurial ventures.

MBA, University of Utah, 2007
MPH, Emory University, 2001
BS, University of Utah, 1996
BA, University of Utah, 1996

Interests and Courses


Stormy's current research focuses on the phenomenon of wonder, inclusion, and dynamics of organizational formation.

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  • Sweitzer, S. C. (Panelist/Discussant) The 2019 Association for Computers and the Humanities Conference, "Up Close and Personal: Ethical Social Media Research in a Distant and Big Data World", Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH), Pittsburgh, PA. (2019).
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