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Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2017 - Present

MA, Cleveland State University, 2014
Bachelors of Music, Cleveland State University, 2011

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  • Schwartz, M. J. (Chair/Co-Chair), Messer, T. (Panelist/Discussant), Cruz, M. (Panelist/Discussant), Holmes, O. (Panelist/Discussant), Anteby, M. (Panelist/Discussant), Gonzalez, C. B. (Panelist/Discussant), Van Esch, C. (Chair/Co-Chair) Academy of Management Annual Meeting, "LGBTQQIA+ Inclusion in the Academy of Management: Understanding AoM as an Inclusive Organization", Academy of Management, Boston, Massachussets. (2019).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Academy of Management. 2017 - Present


  • Best Reviewer - GDO Divison, Academy of management. (2019).