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Melissa Cooper

Melissa Cooper
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2016 - Present

I am broadly interested in how time impacts cognition and action, particularly in the context of experiences of ambivalence and ambiguity. My research explores the positive aspects of delay, particularly in terms of decision-making, task performance, meaning making and well-being. From a methodological standpoint, I am interested in how statistical models and methods may be improved to better represent psychological constructs.

MEd, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education , 2015
JD, Cornell Law School, 1998
BA, Douglass College, Rutgers University , 1995

Interests and Courses


Time, Ambivalence, Ambiguity, Decision-Making, Creativity, Higher Education


Organizational Behavior, Research Methods

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  • Bergeron, D. (Presenter & Author), Hinz, J. D. (Author Only), Cooper, M. E. (Author Only), Rochford, K. C. (Author Only), Kim, H. (Author Only) Academy of Management, "Causal Asymmetry: Motives for (Not) Engaging in Organizational Citizenship Behavior", Academy of Management, Chicago, IL. (2018).
  • Bergeron, D. (Presenter & Author), Rochford, K. C. (Author Only), Hinz, J. D. (Author Only), Cooper, M. E. (Author Only), Kim, H. (Author Only) Academy of Management, "OCB – Let’s Talk About It! Discovering New Directions Through Qualitative Research", Academy of Management, Chicago, IL. (2018).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 2017 - Present
  • Academy of Management . 2016 - Present
  • Committee Member, Professional Development Workshop Comittee, 2017 - Present