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Lili Bao

Lili Bao
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2012 - Present
Curriculum Vita

MS, Case Western Reserve University, 2012
BA, Shanghai Normal University, 2008

Interests and Courses


Lili Bao studies interactions and dynamics at teams. She is interested in how workers generate ideas, collaborate to solve problems, coordinate their activities, sustain creativity and innovation at teams and how managers design teams to elicit productive interdependence and cope with problems whose ramifications span boundaries.


Organizational Behavior, Team dynamics, Team Creativity, Business Communication.

Recent Courses and Syllabi

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  • Bao, L. (Presenter & Author), Coen, C. A. (Author Only) AoM 2017_At the Interface, "Understanding subgroup network structure: A Compromise between efficiency and performance", Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA. (2017).
  • Bao, L., Trinh, M. P. AoM 2017_At the Interface, "What We Know vs. Who We Know: A Dynamic Model of Intragroup Task and Relationship Conflicts", Academy of Management, Atlanta-GA. (2017).
  • Thinh, M. (Coordinator/Organizer), Bao, L. (Coordinator/Organizer) Academy of Management, "Studying emergence in teams using multiple methods", Academy of Management, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (2015).
  • Wei, H. (Coordinator/Organizer), Bao, L. (Coordinator/Organizer) AOM 2015, "Preparing to teach graduate level research methods", Academy of Management, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (2015).
  • Trinh, M. P. (Presenter & Author), Bao, L. (Author Only) Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research, "A dynamic model of intragroup conflict", Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research, Pittsburgh, PA. (2015).
  • Thinh, M. (Presenter & Author), Bao, L. (Author Only) INGRoup Conference, "A dynamic model of intragroup conflicts", Carnegie Mellon University;Duquesne University; University of Central Florida, Pittsburgh, PA. (2015).
  • Rochford, K. C. (Author Only), Thompson, P. S. (Presenter & Author), Pavez, I. A. (Author Only), Van Esch, C. (Author Only), Bao, L. (Author Only) Midwest Academy of Management, "Towards a practice theory of sustainability: Carrying out the practice of flourishing", Midwest Academy of Management, (2014).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Academy of Management. 2012 - Present