Kylie Rochford

Kylie Rochford
PhD Organizational Behavior, 2012 - Present

My research is currently organized into three streams. The first stream is concerned with interpersonal relationships at work. I examine how relationships are experienced in organizations and the impact of the quality of relationships on individual and organizational outcomes. Within this stream, I also examine how to empirically capture the relational climate in a workplace, the role of relational efficacy at work, and the predictive power of emotional intelligence. The second stream is organizational neuroscience. My work in this area examines the implications of an antagonistic relationship between analytical and social emotional reasoning for organizational behavior, and more specifically, effective leadership. Within this stream, I also consider how organizational neuroscience can be effectively and ethically integrated into mainstream organizational research. The third stream I am currently involved with is organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). My specific interests are in the areas of individual motives for OCB including the fulfillment of psychological needs, gender effects, and the effect of OCB on career outcomes.

Curriculum Vita

MCom, University of Canterbury, 2011
BCom, University of Canterbury, 2009

Interests and Courses


Interpersonal relationships at work

Organizational neuroscience


Organizational Citizenship Behavior


Organizational Behavior


General management

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Selected Publications

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  • Outstanding Reviewer Award Technology and Innovation Management Division, Academy of Management. (2016).
  • Organizational Behavior Division Student Representative, Academy of Management. (2016).
  • Graduate Student Appreciation Award, School of Graduate Studies, Case Western Reserve University. (2014).
  • Fulbright General Graduate Scholarship, Fulbright . (2012).