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Kesha Wu

Kesha Wu
PhD Management - Design & Innovation, 2015 - Present

Kesha has a BEc in International Economics and Trade from Zhongnan University of Economics and Laws and a Master of Business Administration in Operations Management from Tongji University.

Interests and Courses


Kesha is interested in innovation and designing information systems. Her recent research focuses on how to design an information system to stimulate creativity in organizations. She believes that recent IS design for creativity should not only include cognitive factors, but also emotional factors. By exploring emotional factors, more effective creativity stimulation system could be developed. She also studied in Technische Universität Berlin as an exchange student and ever took courses from Humboldt Universität. When she was in Germany, she visit many famous companies and factories. These experiences roused her passion for design and innovation. She also worked in a manufacturing company around 5 years and has rich experience in factory management.

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