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Justin Ames

Justin Ames
PhD Management - Designing Sustainable Systems, 2016 - Present
Doctor of Management, 2013 - 2016
Founding Partner, Lift Consulting

I’ve spent 15 years in corporate management in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia, and most recently founded an operations consultancy for SME’s. I have a passion for practitioner relevant research and I enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors with my amazing four children and wonderful wife.

BA, Brigham Young University, 2003

Interests and Courses


As a doctoral student at Case Western Reserve University (2018) my general research interest is in organizational ethical decision-making, specifically as it relates to sustainable human resource development, moral self, moral dissonance, and managerial moral stress.

Recent Courses and Syllabi

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  • Ames, J. B. (Presenter & Author), Owens, B. (Author Only), Gaskin, J. (Author Only) Academy of Management Annual Conference, "Is Moral Stress a Threat or a Mirage? Discovering the Legitimizing Effect of Moral Attentiveness.", Social Issues in Management, Atlanta, GA. (2017).
  • Bright, D. (Presenter & Author), Ames, J. (Presenter & Author) Academy of Management Annual Conference, "Unpacking Perceptions of Organizational Virtue.", Organizational Behavior Division, Atlanta, GA. (2017).
  • Ames, J. B. (Presenter & Author) Society of Business Ethics Annual Conference, "Executive “Self” Destruction: Understanding How Internal Conflict of Role Identities Impacts Moral Stress Within Senior Management Team Decision-making Processes.", Emerging Scholars Program, Atlanta, GA. (2017).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Society of Business Ethics. 2017 - Present
  • Academy of Management. 2015 - Present


  • Outstanding Reviewer, Academy of Management. (2017).
  • Society of Business Ethics Founders' Award, Society of Business Ethics. (2017).
  • Doctoral Fellow, Fowler Center. (2017).
  • Doctoral Fellow, Weatherhead Design & Innovation . (2017).